Sea of Clouds - Sector 14

Airship XP Icon.pngSea of Clouds - Sector 14
Airship Deployment Sector
Discovered via Sea of Clouds - Sector 11
Possible Rewards
Item Quantity
Ice Crystal Icon.png Ice Crystal 77
Earth Crystal Icon.png Earth Crystal 58-84
Aetherochemical Fiber Icon.png Aetherochemical Fiber 2-11
Cassia Log Icon.png Cassia Log 3-16
Gold Ore Icon.png Gold Ore 27-39
Heavens' Eye Materia III Icon.png Heavens' Eye Materia III
Heavens' Eye Materia IV Icon.png Heavens' Eye Materia IV 4-5
Quicktongue Materia IV Icon.png Quicktongue Materia IV 11
Iron Giant Core Icon.png Iron Giant Core 1
Oriental Grass Tuft Icon.png Oriental Grass Tuft 1
Toy Box Schema Icon.png Toy Box Schema 3
Required Rank: 40
Ceruleum Cost: 5
Difficulty: ★★★★
EXP: 236,593
Unlocks Airship #3