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Seal Rock

Zoneicon.pngSeal Rock
A place where PvP Happens
Requirements: Achieved level 60
Restrictions: Must be level 60 or higher to enter
Region: La Noscea
Subregion: Strait of Merlthor
Landmass: Vylbrand
World: Hydaelyn
Min. Level: 30
Synced Level: Unknown


Seal Rock is one of the sites for Frontline battles. Players form 3 alliances of up to 24 players representing each of the three Grand Companies.


Entering Frontline battles on the Carteneau Flats requires only that you have a level 50 job/class. There are no party composition requirements- You can even change your job in your team's starting area during the battle.

After queuing up and joining the instance when it becomes available, you will be moved to Seal Rock.

Once inside the area, you will appear in your team's starting area and have a short time to prepare, buff up, and strategize with your team (This also gives you time to recover if you changed classes prior to entry). After the prep time has passed, the gates will open and the battle will begin.

Once the battle is over a winner will be declared and a battle summary scoreboard will be shown revealing the names of the participants, the world from which they hail, their kill score, damage dealt and healing done. If no team defeats the others within the time limit, the battle will be decided by which team is closest to their goal.

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