Seekers of the Sun

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Main Command 3 Icon.pngSeekers of the Sun
Race: Miqo'te
Unsurprisingly, given their self-bestowed clan name, the Seekers of the Sun count numerous devotees of Azeyma, the Warden, among their ranks. While their overall numbers are not great, their twenty-six tribes are scattered across all reaches of the realm, with small Seeker settlements to be found from the sands of the Sagolii Desert in southern Thanalan to the jagged peaks of Gyr Abania. Yet other Seekers have settled in Limsa Lominsa, drawn to the freedom of pirate life. Many Seekers, particularly those of the younger generation, choose to set off as adventurers, perhaps heeding the same call of the wild their ancestors once heard. [1]

Distribution: La Noscea (Limsa Lominsa), the Sagolii Desert, Gyr Abania, elsewhere [1]

Physical Attributes:
Roughly a head shorter and smaller of body than the average Hyur, the Seekers are blessed with a wiry strength, surpassing agility, and the stamina to run for hours under the blazing sun—a combination of traits that makes them uncommonly suited to hunting in arid climes. As many Seekers are adept at climbing and diving, they also make for excellent sailors. Among their most striking physical features are their eyes, with their narrow, vertically-aligned pupils and faintly colored irises. [1]

Each of the twenty-six Seeker tribes adopted a tribal name taken from one letter of the Eorzean alphabet, which—be it coincidentally, or by divine fate as the Seekers believe—contains the selfsame number of letters. In the female name R'ashaht Rhiki, the "R" represents the tribe, while "Ashaht" is the given name and "Rhiki" a patronymic taken from the breeding male. Male Seeker names contain no patronymics, and instead are appended with a title denoting their position in the tribe: "nunh" for breeding males, or "tia" for all others. [1]

The Seekers of the Sun are a highly patriarchial culture, with each tribe centered around a strong breeding male (nunh) whose duty it is to form a harem and lead his people to glory and prosperity. Young males are born and raised as "tia", and must either assume the position of nunh by challenging and defeating an existing nunh in single combat, or leave the community to find a harem of his own. In particularly large tribes, multiple nunh may coexist in the same community, though such cases are rare. [1]

Starting Statistics
Strength +22
Vitality +20
Dexterity +23
Intelligence +19
Mind +19
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