Ser Charibert (Boss)

Enemy Humanoid Icon.pngSer Charibert  BossIcon.pngZoneicon.png
Enemy Humanoid
Level Range 57-57
Those of the wandering races often find themselves at odds with even their own kind, whether these threats be from Imperials, cultists, heretics, or simple brigands. Many of these "species" are thus created not from a biological perspective, but from a game mechanic perspective for ease of classification.
Zone Level Drops Notes
The Pillars - The Vault  57 Aggressive.png
Ser Charibert uses the following moves and mechanics.
  • Altar Candle: Single target high damage attack.
  • Heavensflame: Circle AoE under each player.
  • Holy Chain: Chains two players together. Move apart to break chain and avoid damage. The closer the players are initially, the easier it will be to break.
  • Turret Charge: Dusk and Dawn Knights walk across the room. Avoid knights to avoid damage and either slow or bleeding, depending on the knight.
  • Altar Pyre: Room wide AoE attack dealing moderate damage.
  • Holy Flame: Used at 50% , Charibert will spawn a Dusk Knight and a Dawn Knight which cast Black or White Knight's Tour. Holy Flame orbs also spawn around the room which must be killed as quickly as possible.
  • Pure of Heart: Room wide AoE following Holy Flame.
  • Sacred Flame: Room wide AoE. Used by each surviving Holy Flame.

The rest of the party should stack behind Charibert whenever possible to make breaking Holy Chain easier throughout the fight. For the first half of the fight it's mostly just dodging AoEs and killing the adds when they spawn. Afterwards however he will begin using Turret Charge twice in a row alongside Heavensflame and Holy Chain. To make matters worse, the explosions from Heavensflame will often hide the second row of knights. So, when the first row spawns get into position to dodge it, and keep your eye on the back of the arena as they march. The second set will spawn shortly before the heavensflames go off, so you can begin moving to dodge those before the smoke clears. You can try to break the chain while dodging everything, but you can also simply dodge it afterwards when there's room to breath. Learn to dodge this combo and the rest of the fight should fall into place easily.

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