Ser Grinnaux

NPC Icon.pngSer Grinnaux de Dzemael
  Elezen / Wildwood / Male

Affiliation: Ishgard
Occupation: KnightMarauder
Employer: Archbishop Thordan VII
Title: Ser Grinnaux the Bull

"Clever men die just as quick as the rest."

A member of House Dzemael and nephew of the count, Ser Grinnaux the Bull is a peerless warrior. Yet while his combat abilities are exceptional, his disagreeable personality leads to more than a few altercations with others. By his twenty-ninth nameday, the Bull has earned a notorious reputation for his brawls at the local taverns and his willingness to strike knights who questioned his judgment on campaign. (Curiously enough, it was through a drunken quarrel that he became close friends with Ser Paulecrain.)

Unfortunately for some, Ser Grinnaux's peerless strength means that his reckless behavior sometimes resulted in the occasional fatality, which the Count de Dzemael would be quick to conceal with coin. In spite of this, the archbishop recently appointed him to the Heavens' Ward based solely on his martial abilities. Tempered to obey instruction without question, his conduct is no longer an issue.

Ser Grinnaux the Bull wields the axe Stampede.

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