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Mob19 Icon.pngEra  CULTURAL TERM

In Eorzea, an Era is a division of time that varies in length from one age to the next. There are said to be Astral Eras, periods of relative prosperity and growth, and Umbral Eras, periods of chaos, uncertainty, and widespread destruction. Mythology states that the prophetess Mezaya Thousand Eyes penned six verses foretelling the coming of six pairs of eras—one pair for each element. With six pairs of eras come and gone, each in accordance with the prophecy, Eozeans were confident that the wheel of death and rebirth had ceased to turn. In the Sixth Astral Era, however, a huntsman stumbled upon a seventh verse in a remote cave that described the coming of a final Umbral Era. Though its authenticity was debated for a time, the Seventh Umbral Era was ushered in with the events of the Seventh Umbral Calamity, during which the Warriors of Light were transported from 1572 Sixth Astral Era to 5 Seventh Umbral Era, though the full five year span had passed in their absence.
Unit of Measurement: Time
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