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Seventh Umbral Era

Mob19 Icon.pngSeventh Umbral Era  TIME PERIOD

The Seventh Umbral Era began when the Sixth Astral Era collapsed in its 1,572nd year, heralded in by the events of the Calamity. The Divine Chronicles of Mezaya Thousand Eyes, an ancient prophecy, predicted six cycles of astral and umbral eras, one for each element. The authenticity of the more recently found seventh verse was considered debatable until the Sixth Astral Era collapsed, leading many to fear that this final umbral era would represent pure oblivion and herald in the end of the world.

Officially, The Seventh Umbral Era is a five-year period bridging the collapse of the Sixth Astral Era and the dawn of the Seventh in the game's present day. The exact beginning and end of the era are marked by the Calamity and the events of The Ultimate Weapon, respectively. However, though the leaders of the Grand Companies have declared the Seventh Umbral Era over, the threats to Eorzea have not yet been vanquished.

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