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Short Arms of the Law

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 54   Short Arms of the Law

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Yozan: Mor Dhona - Fogfens - Revenant's Toll (x:22.6, y:6.2)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Revenant's Toll

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png54A Brave ResolutionMainquest1 Icon.png A Brave Resolution (Level 54)
071221.png54Li'l RascalsSidequest1 Icon.png Li'l Rascals (Level 54)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 54)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Savage Might Materia IV
Savage Aim Materia IV
Heavens' Eye Materia IV
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Yozan is ready to begin investigating.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Aged Grimoire
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
YozanKoharuShiunRokkaGagaruaSlafbornBandit LeaderGlaring GoodwifeImpatient SonCalm Daughter
Journal detail hr1 08.png Objects Involved
Aged Grimoire

  • Yozan is ready to begin investigating.
  • Koharu has found the suspicious Lalafells, and is trailing them. Follow the rest of the Doman Adventurers' Guild to where she is hiding near the southeast gate of Revenant's Toll.
  • Koharu has found the cart and two of your four suspects. However, this brings up the question of how to prove the criminals' guilt. After a stroke of brilliance, Yozan and Rokka put on a show for the two Lalafells. They pretend that the stolen grimoire contains the location of a hidden treasure. Suitably persuaded, the two suspects run off. Meet with Yozan to the east of Camp Revenant's Toll in hopes of heading off the criminals.
  • Hiding in a gully, you watch as four Lalafells wander towards the camp, the stolen grimoire in hand. You and the Doman Adventurers' Guild rush towards them, revealing that the tale of treasure was all merely a ploy. In a fit of pique, the leader, Gagarua, calls for his allies to teach you a lesson. Speak with him, and defeat his henchmen should they attack you.
  • You successfully fend off Gagarua's gang. Now speak with the man himself, and see if he will come quietly.
  • Upon realizing who you are, Gagarua calls his allies to him, and summons something down upon you from the skies. By the time you realize that this was all a trick, the criminals have run away. However, they have left the aged grimoire in their haste. Retrieve this valuable piece of evidence now.
  • You have retrieved the grimoire from where it was left. Show it now to Yozan.
  • Yozan is happy that you now have the means to clear the name of the Doman Adventurers' Guild, and bids you present the aged grimoire to Slafborn back in Revenant's Toll forthwith.
  • Slafborn gratefully accepts the stolen grimoire, and listens to your tale exonerating the children. Yozan makes it clear that they are all adventurers now, and Slafborn agrees with the hint of a smile on his lips. He watches as the children run away, presumably to find some new quest, and asks that you guide them with a gentle hand, and protect them with your strong arm.

Mister Forename, Koharu's found our suspects!
They've parked their cart around the southeast gate. Come on, let's go investigate. But be quiet─we don't want them to know we're onto them yet.
I told you I'd find them!
What if they're armed? Shouldn't we have weapons, too?
I don't know why Koharu thinks this is fun. We're supposed to be clearing our names, aren't we?
See? See? Those are our Lalafells, all right!
But how do we prove they're our criminals? From here, it doesn't look like they've got the grimoire. Could it be hidden in their cart?
The other two might have it as well. Or maybe...we've got the wrong people.
I think I've an idea of how to find out. Rokka, can you play along?
Have you heard about Rowena's store? They're saying someone stole a grimoire from it!
That's old news! I think they've even given up hunting for the criminals. <sigh> It's too bad, though. I wanted that grimoire for myself.
Why? Because it's got the location of the treasure─
Shhh! Do you want everyone to know about all the buried gold and jewels!? And what about the weapons, hm?
They say those are stronger than the Empire's! I spent so much time learning that the treasure's in Camp Revenant's Toll, but I'll never find it now...
Well, not without the grimoire, anyway. So why not just give up while you're ahead?
Did you hear that? The lad just said there's gold and silver and weapons out 'round that old camp! Ohoho, imagine how pleased the boss'll be with this! Come on, let's go!
I'm awake! I'm awa... Huh? Where'd you go?
Move yourself, Sister! Time's a-wasting!
W-Wait! I can't run as fast as you!
That was brilliant, Yozan! If they're our criminals, they'll show up at the camp with the grimoire.
And if the other two are anything like that duo, we shouldn't have any trouble catching them.
That's a relief! I was expecting hardened criminals, but that lot couldn't frighten a baby horsebird.
We just have to beat them to Camp Revenant's Toll now. From the way they took the bait, I don't think we have much time. We'd better hurry!
Koharu, are you sure that's them?
We're good at passing unseen, but not in the middle of town! Mister Slafborn will see us if we're not really, really careful...
Watching Koharu and Yozan work together is exciting, isn't it?
I hope they'll come quietly. But if they don't, you'll have to take care of them, Mister Forename.
Gold, jewels, weapons... All hidden somewhere in this dump, where no one would think to look.
I think I'll take it all. Garlemald laid my homeland to waste, and so I'll use the riches to rebuild. And the weapons, oh, I will use them to make the world mine!
Of all the secrets of eld I thought this grimoire held, the location of a lost treasure was not one...
Well, 'tis but a matter of knowing where to look. Tell us─how do we read it? Is there a cipher? Or must we use some sort of incantation?
Er... That is a good question! I'll be sure to tell you just as soon as I learn the answer!
WHAT!? You buffoon! Why did you not think to find out!?
Erp! I...I'm sorry, Gagarua, it just didn't seem important at the time!
Why you─ Hm? What are they doing...? Go play elsewhere. Adults are working here, children.
We're not children─we're the Doman Adventurers' Guild! We're here to arrest you for stealing the grimoire from Rowena's!
Oh, oh! Gagarua, those are the children who talked about the treasure! They'll know how to read the grimoire for sure.
You two have been had. I knew something smelled fishy about this.
You prize pair of pinheads!
No one makes a fool of Gagarua, you hear me!? No one! We shall teach these younglings a painful lesson about meddling in others' affairs! Come, summon the thing!
What thi─ Oh, that. It's not here.
...Why is that?
You sent it away, Gagarua. You said it would draw too much attention to us.
<sigh> ...So we'll just do the dirty work, then?
Oooh, this is all terribly exciting!
We learned how to wait silently and unseen in Doma. Yozan never took to it as well as we did, though...
It's all very well waiting around for our criminals, but what do we do once they're here?
One of you against all three of mine? Hah! You don't stand a...a mammet's chance in the hells!
Just do like you did with Mister Boulder, Mister Forename!
I'll leave them to you, Mister Forename. But someday, I'll show you what Miss Yda taught me!
This doesn't seem like a fair fight. Can we help? From back here, I mean.
I'll heal you if you get hurt, Mister Forename! Later. When I have a potion.
Twelve above, where did those younglings find so puissant a protector!?
I've got a feeling I've seen him before... Wait! Quick, everyone, come here!
It's little wonder we were outmatched─that is Forename Surname, the hero of the Scions!
You don't mean the lad who's beaten a load of primals, and smashed the, ultimatum weapon to bits!?
We can discuss his deeds and why he is with the children later, Wawaton! Babara, Lilina, we must do as we practiced!

Ahem... Well met, Scion! Yes, we know full well who you are. But hear me─you won't be adding us to your list of fallen foes! Are you ready, my friends?

As our forefathers before us, we have a winged beast in our thrall, whose strength is so great as to tear primals in twain and turn brave men to whimpering wretches! O mighty Valefor, we summon you with our prayers─descend from the heavens, and vanquish our foes!
...Isn't something supposed to happen?
Damn it, they got away!
Hey! There they go. Faster than they look, aren't they?
That was a queer bunch, make no mistake! But they forgot one thing─the grimoire!
Come on, Mister Forename─get them!
Wow! You beat them faster than you beat Mister Boulder, Mister Forename!
Something tells me this isn't over...
They're much better at talking about fighting than actually fighting...
Mister Forename, get the grimoire.
They seemed fun. I hope I can talk to them again, someday.
They turned tail and ran when they learned who you were, Mister Forename.
I wonder how those four are related...
Hah! Now that we've got the grimoire, all we need to do is show it to Mister Slafborn and explain what happened! Come on, what are we waiting for?
What did the Doman children have to say for themselves?

The younglings and the grimoire? So it is as I feared, and they are responsible for stealing it, yes?

Gagarua? No, I cannot say I am familiar with him. But if you say he and his conspirators are to blame, then I will believe it. I will report to the guild, and ensure we all are on lookout for that gang.

Well, you may consider yourselves exonerated. That you reclaimed the grimoire and your good names says much of your bravery, younglings.
Mister Slafborn, we are not younglings!
We are the Doman Adventurers' Guild! All the world will soon know our name, and one day, we'll even be more famous than Mister Forename!
More famous than Forename, eh? Well, I look forward to seeing that.

Well, as one adventurer to another, let me say well done! You outfitted yourselves with honor today, my friends!

What brave men and women they are becoming, eh? But they are still in the bloom of youth─growing, yet not fully grown.

They need a gentle hand to guide them, and a strong arm to protect them. Pray, friend, be that for them.
Anyone who stands before Gagarua must fall!

Hmph. You know your way around a fight, I'll give you that.

Gods above, who are you!?

Lilina! Oi, Lilina! I'm hurting here!

<pant> Bloody tiring, this...

Hm? What're we─ Oh, right!

Ow! That'll leave a bump...
Hrnnnggg! ...Oooh, I'm going down, I'm going down...
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