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Sightseeing Log: Bentbranch Meadows

Bentbranch Meadows SS Icon.png 011   Bentbranch Meadows
Sightseeing Log
"Cute little bugger, isn't he? The moogle, that is. Seein' him up there on a clear day, swayin' gently in the wind, it's enough to ull a man to slumber. Me, I settle for a stump and a moment's repose." Such were the stablehand's words, and I would see as he saw.
Once Moogle's Gift Mounts was established and its rookery stocked with Ishgard's finest birds, it was not long before an entire settlement had grown up around the stables. The trademark balloon tethered to the main building is actually an Ixali war vessel claimed by chocobokeeps after it became tangled in a nearby tree and was abandoned by its riders.
Move your character on top of the stump to the north of the Aetheryte Crystal, so that you're on top of the Vista point. Then, /sit to complete the log entry!

Weather: Clear Skies icon.pngFair Skies icon.png Clear Skies / Sunshine
Time: 12:00 ~ 16:59
Emote: Sit Emote Icon.png sit
Sightseeing Log - 011-Complete.png

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