Sightseeing Log: Camp Cloudtop

Camp Cloudtop Image.png 022   Camp Cloudtop
The Sea of Clouds - Cloudtop - The Rosehouse (X15.2, Y37.7, Z1.0)
Sightseeing Log
"From high atop the Sea of Clouds, I looked out upon the realm in all her glory.
There I saw a sight that will be sung of for as long as songs are sung."
An outpost manned by the Rose Knights of House Haillenarte, who stand watch against Dravanian incursions from atop the floating islets in the sky. Boasts the Protector, a mighty airship that would avail the Ishgardians greatly in their battle against the Horde were it ever repaired to full strength.
On the very top of the western outpost's blue-ish purple tent covering. Requires flying.

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Expansion: Heavensward
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