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Sightseeing Log: Castrum Centri

Castrum Centri SS Icon.png 077   Castrum Centri
Mor Dhona - Fogfens - Castrum Centri (X9.9-Y13.6)
Sightseeing Log
"It's unnatural, is what it is—roads and towers made of metal—and yet I couldn't avert my eyes. Then I heard the great steel beast rousing in the distance, and thought I'd best be on my way." Such were the scout's words, and I would see as he saw.
Castrum Centri was erected with material salvaged from the ruins of Castrum Novum—the Garlean Empire's first major outpost in Eorzea, constructed in the final year of the Sixth Astral Era by VIIth Legion legatus Nael van Darnus. It houses several ceruleum mining pits, a magitek manufactory, and the Phantom Train, used to transport ordnance to outlying castra.

Weather: Gloom icon.png Gloom
Time: 12:00 ~ 17:00
Emote: Lookout Emote Icon.png Lookout
Sightseeing Log - 077-Complete.png

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