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Sightseeing Log: Haukke Manor

Haukke Manor SS Icon.png 040   Haukke Manor
Sightseeing Log
"I fled as fast as my legs could carry me, till I stood atop massive tree roots with nowhere to run. The glow from the windows, so beautiful, yet so terrible..." Such were the madman's words, and I would see as he saw.
Long frowned upon tby the people of Gridania as a symbol of excess, the Seedseers would finally submit to pressure from the citizenry, selling the deed to the manor to Lady Amandine of House Dartancours. The word Haukke is of ancient Padjali origin and means to speak without words.

Jump up the rocks on the left up to the top of the roots.
Weather: Clear Skies icon.pngFair Skies icon.png Clear Skies / Sunshine
Time: 18:00 ~ 05:00
Emote: Lookout Emote Icon.png Lookout
Sightseeing Log - 040-Complete.png

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