Sightseeing Log: Kogane Alleyways

Kogane Alleyways SS Icon.png 025   Kogane Alleyways
Kugane - Kogane Dori  (11.9-11.7)
Sightseeing Log
"Roaming vibrant Kugane, I came upon a spectacular vantage point. The breathtaking vista compelled me to sit down, and I knew that I wished to share it with all the world."
This quiet canal-side lane offers a splendid view of the Tasogare Bridge, built in the distinctive arched style of the Far East. Just beyond lies the Kugane Ofunakura, where vessels that sail the seas are made, above which rises the airship tower, where vessels that soar the skies are moored.
Start at 13.2-11.7 on the railing and jump to the roof and then follow straight to the balcony.

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Expansion: Stormblood
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