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Sightseeing Log: Seasong Grotto

Seasong Grotto SS Icon.png 003   Seasong Grotto
Sightseeing Log
"In a dank cavern that's never known the sun, the patter of the rain me only companion, I dropped to one knee and said me farewells to me ill-fated mates. They sing no songs for fishermen, but the sea swallows us all the same." Such were the old mariner's words, and I would see as he saw.
“I am the waves that bear, I am the winds that guide.
I am the evening stars, I am the morning sky.
I am born of the sea, and there shall I die.”

Nestled within a shallow cavern situated to the south of Summerford Farms sits an ancient monolith upon which is carved this, the Sailors' Requiem.

Weather: Shower icon.png Rain icon.png Rain / Showers
Time: 05:00 ~ 07:59
Emote: Pray Emote Icon.png Pray
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