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Sightseeing Log: Statue of the Unsung

Statue of the Unsung Image.png 051   Statue of the Unsung
The Churning Mists - Eil Tohm  (X33.8, Y32.5, Z2.6)
Sightseeing Log
"From high atop the Churning Mists, I looked out upon the realm in all her twisted beauty.
There I saw a sight that will be sung of for as long as songs are sung."
A solitary statue of a dragon in the southeastern corner of the Churning Mists. While it is difficult to ascertain the circumstances which led to its creation, the sculpture's foundation bears a weathered inscription in an early script which reads “along with the memory of thine heroic sapphire wings.”
Requires Flying, as it's veeeeeeery high up in the air on a Floating Island.

Emote: Pray Emote Icon.png Pray
Expansion: Heavensward
Sightseeing Log - HW051-Complete.png

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