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Sightseeing Log: The Holy See of Ishgard

The Holy See of Ishgard SS Icon.png 071   The Holy See of Ishgard
Sightseeing Log
"I look upon my homeland, its proud spires soaring in the azure, and swear a silent oath. My spear shall not leave my hand until the last dread wyrm has fallen." Such were the knight's words, and I would see what he saw.
For the past thousand years, Ishgard has waged a bloody war with the dragons of Dravania. To fend off the enemy horde, a complex web of defenses, magical and corporeal, have been added piecemeal to the city proper's outer walls, transforming her into an impenetrable bastion, while at the same time, isolating her and her people from the outside world.

Weather: Clear Skies icon.pngFair Skies icon.png Clear Skies / Sunshine
Time: 05:00 ~ 08:00
Emote: Lookout Emote Icon.png Lookout
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