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Sightseeing Log: The Morning Stars

The Morning Stars Image.png 040   The Morning Stars
Sightseeing Log
"In my wanderings through the Rak'tika Greatwood, I found myself pausing in wide-eyed wonder as I looked out upon the view before me. I knew that I must capture this sight in ink, lest others simply pass it by."
These pyramids were built to venerate the four chief deities of the Ronkan religion: Ox'Gatorl, keeper of flame; Ox'Charl, keeper of the winds; Yx'Lokwa, bringer of rain; and Yx'Anpa, bringer of the harvest. For the inhabitants of Fanow, guardians of Ronka's heritage, there are few sites more sacred.

Sightseeing Log The Morning Stars.png
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Expansion: Shadowbringers
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