Sightseeing Log: The Sekiseigumi Barracks

The Sekiseigumi Barracks SS Icon.png 022   The Sekiseigumi Barracks
Kugane - Pier 2  (14.3-9.6)
Sightseeing Log
"Roaming vibrant Kugane, I came upon a spectacular vantage point. As I looked out at the breathtaking vista, I knew that I wished to share it with all the world."
An unassuming space leading to the Sekiseigumi Barracks, the headquarters of Kugane's peacekeeping force. Off-duty Sekiseigumi members are often seen relaxing at the nearby teahouse, and if you tilt your head up, you can take in the unashamedly grandiose main gates of Kugane Castle.
On balcony outside of Sekiseigumi Barracks.

Emote: Lookout Emote Icon.png Lookout
Expansion: Stormblood
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