Sightseeing Log: Vesper Bay

Vesper Bay SS Icon.png 052   Vesper Bay
Sightseeing Log
Overheard in a tavern: "Go where the wealthy go and do what they do, and sooner or later their good fortune will rub off on you. That said, the merchant wasn't too happy when I climbed atop his estate for a better view..."
A bustling port city strategically situated on the western coast of Thanalan and maintained using funds generously provided by Syndicate chairman Lolorito, Vesper Bay serves as a gateway in and out of sultanate-controlled lands. The colossal bronze statue in the main plaza is said to be an exact likeness of said chairman (when viewed from afar).
Jump from the roof to (1), and walk along the railing to the vista.
Vesper Bay Vista.png
Weather: Clear Skies icon.pngFair Skies icon.png Clear Skies / Sunshine
Time: 12:00 ~ 17:00
Emote: Point Emote Icon.png Point
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