Sixth Umbral Calamity

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The Sixth Umbral Calamity, also known as the Calamity of Water was a great flood that ended the War of the Magi and the Fifth Astral Era. As both scholar and seer of the day scried, the realm's elemental imbalance culminated in a far-reaching flood that eventually swept over Eorzea. Coastal towns were pummeled by tidal waves while rivers overflowed their banks, swallowing settlements and leaving inarable soils in their wake. The great city of Mhach was swallowed whole by a torrent the likes of which the realm had heretofore never experienced; the few who remained drowned as they cast their eyes and hopes heavensward, content in the belief that the Void Ark would see the glory of their people endure. Those who had the sense to retreat to higher ground would return to Yafaem to learn they were the inheritors to a wasteland of salt-clogged swamps where even the hardiest of weeds refused to take root, let alone crops with which one might sustain a family.

The few remaining Nymian citizens who had not been touched by the Green Death evacuated north into the mountainous regions of outer La Noscea, as the Royal Marines commenced their ambitious Operation Maelstrom. While the Grand Company was successful in turning back the largest of swells, the mages were unable to prevent the scores of subsequent waves from pulverizing their coastal city-state. Lands reclaimed by the sea were reduced to rocky reefs, leaving nary an holm to which Nym's few survivors might return.

As most of their lands' energies had been exhausted in their efforts to seal Diabolos, there was little remaining for Amdapor's white mages to draw upon to stay the waters which had already enveloped the territories held by Nym and Mhach. The alternative was a hurried exodus into the highlands of Gyr Abania before the deluge reached the ancient city. The region abandoned, the elementals, who had quietly borne witness to the Amdapori people's rapacious consumption of the land's aether, saw to it that the city's remnants be devoured in thick, sorcerous brush not long after the waters receded, thereafter preventing ingress into Amdapor. Thus did the ruins remain hidden from mortal eyes until the elements' glamours were dispelled during the Seventh Calamity.

It could be said that the greatest of Eorzea's magical civilizations succumbed to a chaos of their own contriving, yet it would be misguided to conclude that the entirety of mankind was beyond redemption for the sins of a few; amidst the strife of the Calamity and the subsequent Sixth Umbral Era, legends have long told of the advent of a band of saviors known as the Twelve Archons, who helped to warn the people of impending doom and provide salvation to countless scores in their time of need. Without champions such as these, the path to the Sixth Astral Era may have been longer and more fraught with peril than it actually was.
Period: ca. 1577 Years Ago
Preceded by: Fifth Astral Era
Followed by: Sixth Umbral Era
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