Spear Fishing Nodes

This article has been "archived." The subject of this page was part of the original release of Final Fantasy XIV (1.0-1.23b), and most likely is not part of the current game anymore. If this is an NPC page, then the NAME of this NPC has most likely been re-used by Square Enix and given to a completely different character that has no affiliation with the original.
Spearfishing Nodes
Location (X, Y) Grade Items Notes
Central Shroud (35, 33) Grade 1 Center
Central Thanalan(entered) (30, 22) Grade 1 Striped Goby, Muddy Water, Dart Frog North cave
Central Thanalan (29, 22) Grade 1 East cave
Eastern Thanalan(entered) (37, 23) Grade 2 Pipira, Azure Lac Bugs, Vert Lac Bugs Northeast
North Shroud (19, 17) Grade 2 Center
North Shroud (22, 19) Grade 2 West
North Shroud (19, 20) Grade 2 South
South Shrud (39, 52) Grade 3 Northeast
South Shroud (38, 54) Grade 3 North
South Shroud (36, 48) Grade 3 East
Western Thanalan (16, 27) Grade West