St. Daniffen's Fire

Wisp Icon.pngSt. Daniffen's Fire  Zoneicon.pngMob14 Icon.png
Level 49
St. Daniffen's Fire.png
Wisps are widely believed to be the spiritual remnants of long-deceased souls. They display only limited cognitive abilities and react to their surroundings driven more by primitive inherent tendencies than complex reasoning. Using these observations as a foundation for their theory, certain scholars have formed the hypothesis that when wisps and plasmoids cross over into Eorzea from the void, they mistake the glowing fireflies of this world as brethren and instinctively begin emulating their actions, thus the similarities that we see between the three families.
Zone Level Drops Notes
Coerthas Central Highlands - Providence Point - The Ogre's Belly
  Questinvolvementicon.pngBring Your Own Ectoplasm
 49 Semi-stable Ectoplasm Icon.png Semi-stable Ectoplasm (100%)Only drops while on the appropriate quest Aggressive.png
Quests (1)
Name Level Starter Type
Bring Your Own Ectoplasm &000000000000001600000016 Jezul Ahuatan the Second Ixal Quest
Appears after defeating a Will-o'-the-wyke while on the Bring Your Own Ectoplasm quest.
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