Storm's Path

Storm's Path Icon.pngStorm's Path
Cast: Recast: TP Cost: Range: Radius:
Instant 2.5s


3y 0y
Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
Combo Action: Maim
Combo Potency: 270
Combo Bonus: Absorbs a portion of damage dealt as HP
Defiance/Deliverance Combo Bonus: Increases Beast Gauge by 20
Acquired: Marauder Icon 1.png Marauder (Lv. 38)
Affinity: Marauder Icon 1.png MRDWarrior Icon 1.png WAR
Potency: 100
Target: Single
Combo Flowchart
Flow arrow left down.png                 Flow arrow right down.png
Flow arrow down.png
Flow arrow left down.png    Flow arrow right down.png