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Storm Clouds Brewing

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 85   Storm Clouds Brewing

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
This quest requires you to fight enemies in the open world.
Lominsan Delegate: Radz-at-Han - Yuj - Sundrop (x:7.7, y:9.6)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Radz-at-Han Aetheryte Plaza → Hall of the Radiant Host

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png85At World's EndMainquest1 Icon.png At World's End (Level 85)

Melee DPS Icon 1.png Melee DPS (excluding limited jobs) (Level 85)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
The Lominsan delegate would entreat your aid in dealing with a grave threat back home.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with the secretariat at Maelstrom Command.
  • Speak with Merlwyb at South Tidegate.
  • Speak with Merlwyb again.
  • Defeat the fell beast.
  • Rescue Noll of the Calming Seas.
  • Speak with Merlwyb.
  • Speak with Merlwyb at Maelstrom Command.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png86The Crushing TideFeaturequest1 Icon.png The Crushing Tide (Level 86)

  • The Lominsan delegate would entreat your aid in dealing with a grave threat back home.
  • A blasphemy, one of the fell beasts that portend the Final Days, has been sighted off the coast of Vylbrand. Admiral Bloefhiswyn has already begun to take action to deal with the threat, and she would have you join in the effort. At the official's behest, you agree to travel to Limsa and lend what aid you can.
  • The situation in Limsa Lominsa is not entirely grim, for the secretariat at Maelstrom Command informs you that an increasing number of Sahagin have been freed from primal enthrallment and now seek peaceful relations with their neighbors. It is these newfound allies whose help Merlwyb would enlist in further assessing the situation, and she requests you accompany her to a meeting at South Tidegate.
  • You rendezvous with Merlwyb at South Tidegate, but─troublingly─your Sahagin allies are nowhere to be found. Fearing for their safety, Merlwyb makes for nearby Halfstone in search of them.
  • You and Merlwyb arrive in Halfstone to see that your fears were indeed warranted. Grotesque beasts are poised to slaughter the Sahagin you came to meet. At Merlwyb's behest, you race to save the one named Noll from a grim fate.
  • You make short work of the beast mere moments before it strikes down the defenseless Noll. Breathing a sigh of relief, you turn to the Sahagin youth to ensure he is indeed unharmed.
  • Noll, who is shaken but otherwise no worse for the wear, thanks you profoundly for saving his life. Helping him to his feet, you set off to rejoin Merlwyb, who is fighting her own battle a short distance away.
  • Safe from danger for the moment, you return with Merlwyb and the Sahagin pair to South Tidegate. It is there that Noll confirms that the selfsame horror you witnessed at Radz–at–Han has come to Vylbrand, and that the beasts you dispatched were once his very own spawnbrothers. Noll further explains that these latest victims were affiliated with the Crushing Tide─a Sahagin faction that rejects efforts to make peace with Limsa. With a fuller understanding of the dangers his people face, Noll returns home, while you and Merlwyb agree to meet back at Maelstrom Command to discuss your next course of action.
  • Back at Maelstrom Command, Merlwyb resolves to put the knowledge she has gleaned from you and Noll to full use in bringing a swift end to the blasphemy. Vowing to do your part, you take your leave until your next course of action is decided upon.
※The next role quest will be available from the Maelstrom secretariat upon reaching level 86 in any melee DPS class.

Ah, Forename. On behalf of Admiral Bloefhiswyn, I thank you for your many deeds in service to Limsa Lominsa.
If Endwalker is incomplete. If Endwalker is complete.
We have received troubling tidings that beasts akin to those that plague Radz–at–Han have been sighted on the La Noscean coast.
On behalf of my people, I thank you for your efforts in delivering this star from catastrophe. Unfortunately, we have received troubling tidings that beasts akin to those that plagued Radz–at–Han have been sighted on the La Noscean coast.
The Admiral has mustered the Maelstrom in hopes of quelling the threat. Yet there is much we do not understand about our foe, and as such, your expertise in this arena would be a great boon to us. Will you help us?
What will you say?
I will do all that I can. Wouldn't be much of a hero if I refused, would I?
Excellent. The Admiral will be heartened to have your knowledge and martial prowess on our side, I am certain.
Pray set sail for Limsa as soon as you are able. The secretariat at Maelstrom Command will apprise you of the details upon your arrival.
Quest Accepted
On behalf of Limsa, I thank you for agreeing to assist us in these trying times. The secretariat at Maelstrom Command will apprise you of the situation at hand upon your arrival.

Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Ah, our man in Radz–at–Han told us to expect you. I'll inform the Admiral of your arrival.
Glad you could join us, Forename.

I only wish it were under better circumstances.

The grave news from the Bounty has not escaped our ears. I can scarce begin to imagine the horrors you have witnessed there.
If Endwalker is incomplete. If Endwalker is complete.
It pains me to say the selfsame hell has come to Vylbrand. Fell beasts born of deepest despair have been sighted all throughout our island.
Although you and the Scions have averted the Final Days, blasphemies continue to appear in certain regions, Vylbrand among them.
Tell him what we know.
The first report came a few days ago, from one of our men patrolling Skull Valley.

He spoke of a fearsome creature unlike any native to our shores. While we had our suspicions, it was only later that a connection to the Final Days was confirmed by a most unlikely source─the Sahagin.

We've been treating their tempered for some time now, and many have made a full recovery.

Owing to this, some factions are eager to improve diplomatic relations with Limsa.
It is one such faction that has provided the most comprehensive reports, in all their alarming detail.
They speak of a most dreadful sight─their spawnbrothers transforming into horrific beasts before their very eyes. Indeed, it is far too similar to the incidents in Radz–at–Han to be mere coincidence.
If our assumptions are correct, the first and most formidable of the beasts─a “blasphemy,” as it was decided we would call them─prowls our waters as we speak.
If Endwalker is incomplete. If Endwalker is complete.
We may have been spared the Final Days, but so long as this abomination remains to harry us, we cannot truly say the storm has passed.
Fortunately, there've been no sightings of the blasphemy within the city. Nevertheless, if we are to spare our people the horror that befell Radz–at–Han, the fiend must be dealt with─and quickly.

Despite our investigative efforts, we remain very much in the dark as to the precise nature of the threat we face.

Were we to recklessly dispatch large numbers of troops, we'd run the risk of having our own men corrupted. You can well imagine the carnage that would ensue.

As such, Admiral Bloefhiswyn has decided to keep those involved to a minimum, and lead the investigation herself.
And I would have you at my side. What say you?

You have my thanks. We will depart at once to meet with our Sahagin allies and gather what knowledge we can, that we might devise a proper plan of attack.

They are due to arrive at South Tidegate soon. I'll go on ahead and wait for you there.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
The Admiral has arranged for a meeting to take place with our Sahagin collaborators at South Tidegate. Pray join her there as soon as you are able.
With Admiral Bloefhiswyn at the helm and you alongside her, I am confident that the blasphemy can be brought to heel. Godsspeed, my friend.
It's well past our agreed-upon meeting time, but the Sahagin are nowhere to be seen.

They did not seem the sorts to break their word. This bodes ill...

Let us leave this place to the guards, and search Halfstone for any sign of them.
Pshhh...! Wh-What is this thing!?
Noll is in danger! Quickly, to his aid!
What are you waiting for!? Go!
Pshhh! I cannot die here!
You sense a hostile presence!
Noll is just beyond. Get him to safety!
Pshhh! Where is Noll!?
Pshhh... Many thanksss, shhhorewalker.

P-Pray my companion sssafe?

Pshhh! The Admiral herssself comes to our aid? Glad tidings indeed.

You, too, have my boundless gratitude for sssaving my life. Let us quit this place before those beasts return.
Pshhh... Had the Admiral not come to our ressscue when she did, I shhhudder to think of what would have happened!
Pshhh...! Relieved I am to see the both of you sssafe!

Everyone's still alive. Good.
But not if we stay out here too long. Inside, quickly.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Pshhh... Thank you, my friendsss. Those ghastly beasts would have made shhhort work of us had you not intervened.
...And yet, it brought me no joy to watch them die. For─unbelievable as it may sound─until a shhhort time ago, they were none other than our very own ssspawnbrothers. At first, we thought them merely cursssed, but our talismans and magicks availed us not...
Aye, 'twas no curse. 'Twas an evil like no other─innocent souls transformed against their will into unholy beasts called blasphemies.
“Blasssphemies”...? Pray tell us more.
That would be your area of expertise, Forename.
Pshhh... Turned into beasts by the power of dessspair? This is horrifying, indeed...
Hmm... Thus far, the phenomenon here in La Noscea has been limited to the Sahagin. Why is that?
Pshhh... I cannot sssay. Yet I wonder if the Crushhhing Tide are involved in some way.
I know naught of this Crushing Tide...
Word of them has yet to reach you, I sssee.

It all began when the Indigo Matriarch─the queen of our kind─was ssstricken with a grave malady.

Tragic as this was, there was one small sssolace. She was not fond of shhhorewalkers, and so deprived of her leadership, more of my kind came to see the wisdom in making peace with Limsa Lominsa.

There remain, of course, those who would oppose our cause. They formed a group they call the Crushhhing Tide. Even now, they seek to summon the Lord of the Whorl anew, and consign all finless ones unto the briny deep.

However, they lack the crystals necessary to do so. Denied the power they crave, they can do naught but gnashhh their teeth in desperation.
And you suspect these feelings of helplessness are the cause of their transformations?
Jussst so. Those of our ssspawnbrothers who turned into those beastsss had been fraternizing with the Crushing Tide.

Dessspite our differences, we cannot abandon our kin to sssuch a cruel fate.

Yet we must be careful not to drive them to still deeper dessspair. Yes...we must consider the sssituation carefully, lest we bring dessstruction upon all our kind...
Tell me this─are the Crushing Tide even now under Leviathan's thrall? If freed from their drowned state, might they not listen to reason?
Were it only so sssimple... All but a few are long since cured. They walk this path of their own free will.
In that case, they may yet be dissuaded from their present course.

For the sake of our nascent alliance, we will do all we can to save your brethren.

Fortunately, a most capable ally stands with us. For this man has bested many a formidable foe, including Leviathan.
Pshhh! The great Forename Surname, in the fleshhh? Honored am I to stand in your presence!
Together, we will weather this storm, and usher in a new age of harmony. This I swear.
There is much to be done. For now, let us return to our homes and prepare as best we can for the trials ahead. Should we discover aught of value, we'll be sure to share it with you. I ask that you do the same.
Pshhh... Indeed we shhhall. Until sssuch time, I watch over my ssspawnbrothers and pray that no more sssuccumb to the change.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
The Admiral told me everything. Thank the Navigator that you were there to dispatch those terrible beasts.
Welcome back. Thanks to you and Noll, I now possess a proper understanding of the challenge we face.

'Tis a daunting task that lies before us. We'll continue to cooperate with the Sahagin to learn all we can.

Once we have located the blasphemy, I will have need of your strength.

Till then, I ask that you remain at the ready. Clearly, the storm clouds have only begun to gather...
Quest Completed
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