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Strange Bedfellows

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 83   Strange Bedfellows

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
This quest requires you to fight enemies in the open world.
Lucia: Garlemald - The Eblan Rime - Camp Broken Glass (x:13.5, y:30)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Camp Broken Glass

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png83Alea Iacta EstMainquest1 Icon.png Alea Iacta Est (Level 83)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 83)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Pewter Head Gear Coffer (IL 525)
Miscellaneous Reward
Map33 Icon.png
Unlocks Tertium Aetheryte
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
With the immediate crisis averted, Lucia seeks to gain a clearer understanding of the present situation.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
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  • With the immediate crisis averted, Lucia seeks to gain a clearer understanding of the present situation.

Before we proceed, tell me what you know of the Ist Legion and the disposition of their forces.

They were preparing for war while the refugees in their care were left to go hungry? A reckless, shortsighted plan that risks the welfare of the people they are sworn to protect.

Nevertheless, we cannot compel them to accept our aid. If we were to arrive in force with the intent to do so, we would only incite panic...but perhaps they can be persuaded to follow one of their own.

Go with Jullus back to the station and have him lead the refugees here. Some may be unwilling or unable to leave, but for the time being, I'll take what I can get.

Alphinaud, Alisaie, and the scouts sent to extricate them should already be at the station. I will also have our other comrades in the area lend their support should it be needed.
Quest Accepted
I will have food and bedding prepared for the refugees. Getting them here safely, however, is my immediate concern...

What you are doing back here? Where are Jullus and the others!?
'Tis a comfort to see thee none the worse for thy recent ordeals.
Oh, I did not expect you to arrive so soon. There's been a...development. Perhaps you had best see for yourself.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Forename...and Jullus.
We arrived just before you did...and too late.
Too late for what? What's happened?
It's Lord Quintus... He took his own life.
After the news about the Xth, he relieved us of our duties. Then, when he was alone, he...
No... No, he wouldn't...
Thancred and the others─assisted by the soldiers─have seen to the remains.
In due course shall the legatus be afforded a proper burial.
He released us from our duty...
He wanted us to be free. Free to choose our own fate.
Without him to guide us, we're... I...
I have just this moment spoken with Lucia.
We are ready to commence the transfer of the refugees here to Camp Broken Glass, should they be willing to accept our aid.
Some...would rather die...
...But most of us just want to live. Songs and standards be damned─we just want to live.
We'll need to speak with the refugees. They'll have to decide for themselves if they wish to come with us.
If any would prefer to stay, we can have supplies brought over for them. It'll be a hard journey for the others, but we'll see they reach our camp safely.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
After what happened to his family, the Ist was all Jullus had left. Now even that's been taken away from him...
He's not alone in that, either. There's a comfort in having someone to follow. Someone to lead...

Local Dialogue
To think that we'd end up taking the Ist Legion themselves─or what remains of them─into our care. Not so long ago, such a thing would've been inconceivable, but these are strange times indeed.
Leave these fiends to my brothers and I. We will raze them to the ground with our most devastating magicks!

Local Dialogue
We've the roads covered, don't you worry. Things may get chaotic out there, but just take it as slow and steady as you can, all right?

I know not how to offer encouragement or solace to these poor souls. But if it's safe passage to our camp they need, I'd gladly oblige.
To employ healing magicks now would likely invite catastrophe, as thou canst attest from thy experiences at Victors' Spoils.
Indeed, the Garleans view our ability to manipulate aether with the same suspicion that many Eorzeans do magitek.
Everything's going to be all right now...
This is where it happened...
...Best not to dwell on it. Not when there's work to be done.
Try as we might, any words of comfort we may offer are like to fall on deaf ears.
We are but strangers from foreign lands, perhaps in their eyes the very cause of their suffering to begin with. Nevertheless, we mustn't give up.
It was only ever a dream, wasn't it. To think we could reclaim it. Rebuild it all ourselves...

Before this all began...I sent my wife and daughter away to the provinces...

If there's a chance I might see them again, I'll take it. So take me. Take me with you...please.

I can walk, I think. Just give me a few more moments... the aetheryte sorted in the end. All it took was a few adjustments, and now it works as well as it ever did...

From what I can tell, the one in Laterum is also functioning as normal. That's where you lot are staying, isn't it?

Now that most of us are packing up and leaving this place, I reckon there'll be more use for me and my skills over at your camp...

Since the aetheryte's functioning again, why not give it a try? Be a waste if no one did...'s you. The one who treated me with such kindness...

I heard from the others that you're not from around here... Heh...I thought you were one of us. Not that it makes much difference now.

Purebloods, migrants, savages... After a while the words start to lose meaning...until all you're left with is anger and fear and hate and I'm...I'm too tired...

If you and yours have come to offer aid, I'd be glad to accept.

I don't believe I asked you your name...
Forename Surname... Thank you. I will remember it... Always.
We have much to discuss.

Our rescue, the attack on Camp Broken Glass...

...What we'd hoped to talk about with Quintus...

But all of that can wait. More urgent matters demand our attention.

Are any of the refugees willing to come to our camp?

Thank the Twelve. Thank the Twelve...
You and I should go first and secure the route back to Camp Broken Glass.

With all the creatures and tempered skulking about, I expect we'll have our hands full.

This should come in handy. Conqueror's Chain, courtesy of our Lominsan friends. I'd save it for the tempered, though.

I'll mark a few points that need surveying on your map. Once you've taken care of the riffraff, we'll meet back at our camp.
I will stay with the refugees and do what I can to protect them.
While I have no doubt that you and Thancred will do a fine job clearing a path, we must be ever vigilant for threats that may have slipped the net.

Local Dialogue
We've orders to assist the refugees, but we've received little more from them than icy glares.
That will not deter us, though. They may be our former enemies, but we are here to offer aid, and offer aid we shall.

While you and the others provide safe passage for the refugees, we shall prepare the camp for their arrival. There will be many mouths to feed, but our provisions should last for the time being.

A tempered soldier bars the way! Subdue him first, then use the Conqueror's Chain.

You see no threats on the path ahead.

A tempered soldier bars the way! Subdue him first, then use the Conqueror's Chain.
Ah, there you are.

As expected, I ran into a few beasts who went down without much of a fight. The tempered proved somewhat troublesome, but those chains should keep them under control until our allies take them into custody.

With that taken care of, I'm to gather a few supplies and then return to the station.

While I see to that, would you mind apprising Lucia of our progress?

As it happens, I have some rather pertinent information from our recent scouting forays, but I'll save that for later. First things first, and all that.

Local Dialogue
It was Quintus's decision to end his own life, but I hope the refugees don't hold us responsible for it.
Welcome back. I hope they haven't been working you too hard...
Ah, Forename. I was informed of Quintus's suicide... It must have come as a great shock to his men.

What of the refugees? I'm told some were receptive to our proposal, but I would hear your firsthand account.

That so many did not hesitate to accept proves how desperate their situation has become. We'll do our best to make them feel welcome.

The troops who participated in the ambush are no exception. They will be afforded the same treatment as any other refugees, perfidy notwithstanding. After all, even if I wanted to make an example of them, there's no one left to learn from it.

We will tell our allies that these soldiers were acting under the direct orders of their legatus, and that following his suicide, they offered a full and unconditional surrender.

Perhaps Quintus thought that had he lived, he would be tried as a war criminal, and his men punished with him. Perhaps, by taking his own life, he hoped to absolve them of any culpability. Or perhaps, like too many others, he was a true believer to the end.

Who can say. I didn't know the man, or his heart. His reasons, noble or otherwise, died with him, and it falls to us to clean up the mess...
Quest Completed
I see that you're still standing. Might I convince you to sit down? ...No, I thought not.

Local Dialogue
<sniffle> M-My mother! Sh-She...! <sob>
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