Stroke of Genius

Stroke of Genius Icon.pngStroke of Genius
May increase maximum CP on the second step of synthesis. Increase guaranteed when a specialist.
Acquired: Alchemist Icon 1.png Alchemist (Lv: 70)
Armorer Icon 1.png Armorer (Lv: 70)
Blacksmith Icon 1.png Blacksmith (Lv: 70)
Carpenter Icon 1.png Carpenter (Lv: 70)
Culinarian Icon 1.png Culinarian (Lv: 70)
Goldsmith Icon 1.png Goldsmith (Lv: 70)
Leatherworker Icon 1.png Leatherworker (Lv: 70)
Weaver Icon 1.png Weaver (Lv: 70)
Reward from Quests (8)
Quest Level
A Confluence of Style 70
A Love Beyond Lifetimes 70
Send Me an Angel 70
Sultana Dreaming 70
Tea Party Rules 70
The Final Face-off 70
The Way to a Father's Heart 70
True to Life 70