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Sudul Eht Nioj

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   Sudul Eht Nioj

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Deputy Postmoogle: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks - Mealvaan's Gate (x:10.5, y:11.4)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks → Arcanists' Guild

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 50)

Carrier Level 9

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Miscellaneous Reward
Carrier Level +1
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
For one who has done much to ensure the continued flow of Eorzeans' mail, the deputy postmoogle has a special reward.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Deliver the stack of letters to Franz at the Gladiators' Guild.
  • Hand out the Coliseum flyers on the Steps of Nald. 0/2
  • Post the Coliseum placards inside the Coliseum. 0/2
  • Speak with Bubudoga at the Gladiators' Guild.
  • Extend Genevieve a warm /welcome.
  • Aid U'linbho on the Steps of Nald.
  • Search for Langloisiert.
  • Search for Franz in central Thanalan.
  • Speak with Franz.

  • For one who has done much to ensure the continued flow of Eorzeans' mail, the deputy postmoogle has a special reward.
  • The prince of the bloodsands, Franz the Fair, is a regular recipient of copious amounts of fan mail. In recognition of your service to the moogle delivery service, the honor of delivering this day's batch has been awarded to you. Franz is training for an upcoming Coliseum match and can likely be found at the Gladiators' Guild in Ul'dah.
  • A popular gladiator must contend with threats both inside and outside the Coliseum─a truth which becomes apparent when a morbol seedling emerges from one of the missives addressed to Franz. The gladiator's comrades suspect one of their own, a former noxius named Langloisiert, may be responsible, but their lanista, Bubudoga, is convinced that other gladiators are responsible. Bubudoga also believes that the culprits may attempt to masquerade as fans to gain access to Franz and do him harm. Therefore, the lanista bids you surreptitiously investigate fans in the Coliseum and on the Steps of Nald by first posting placards and distributing flyers and then observing their reactions.
  • Gladiatorial combat attracts an eclectic crowd, but none you encounter appear to bear Franz ill will. Nevertheless, there is a nervous energy in the air which cannot be put down to mere pre-match excitement, and you feel eyes upon you on several occasions. Whether or not these observations will serve to satisfy Bubudoga remains to be seen.
  • After learning that the bundle you delivered contained a score of threatening letters, Silent Moss and U'linbho decided to go and look after Franz. While you await their return, Bubudoga would have you continue your covert surveillance of the Coliseum by acting as his representative and extending a warm /welcome to the more prestigious patrons, starting with Lady Genevieve just outside the Gladiators' Guild.
  • U'linbho's anguished scream from the Steps of Nald cuts your conversation with the Lady Genevieve short. Rush to her aid and see what has given her cause to cry out.
  • Before being felled by a sharp blow from behind, the Miqo'te observed Franz making his way towards Emerald Avenue, and Langloisiert following him at a distance. Convinced that the Duskwight is plotting to do Franz harm, she implores you to pursue Langloisiert and stop him before it is too late.
  • It would seem that U'linbho was too quick to presume malicious intent on the part of Langloisiert. The former noxius had long made a habit of watching over Franz, for fear of his rivals attacking in reprisal. Alas, on this occasion, Langloisiert and Silent Moss were unable to subdue the masked gladiators stalking Franz, and the two wounded companions bid you protect their beauteous comrade in their stead. Seek out Franz and his pursuers in central Thanalan.
  • The masked gladiators are unprepared to fend off another protector, and you have no difficulty besting them. All that remains is to confirm the condition of the fair-faced Franz.
  • Are we truly deserving of the accolades we receive? Franz the Fair had begun to ask himself this very question. Fearing that his fame was the product of Syndicate machinations, the young gladiator goaded his less scrupulous opponents to attack him outside the Coliseum, so that he might at last learn whether or not his reputation was legitimate. Now aware of his secret intentions, his comrades scold him for doubting the validity of his accomplishments, and convince him that the prince of the bloodsands, the pride of Ul'dah, the suave southern dandy is anything but a fraud. The party subsequently departs for their upcoming match, after which they will return to Halatali, where they will eagerly welcome you should you choose to join their training.

Have I got an assignment for you, kupo! Fan letters addressed to one of Ul'dah's preeminent gladiators─the prince of the bloodsands, the one and only Franz the Fair!

After all you've done on my behalf I think it only fair to reward you just so! So charismatic he is that even a moogle unacquainted with the games cannot help but swoon when delivering the daily batch, kupo!

Franz is training for an upcoming match, so you can probably find him at the Gladiators' Guild in Ul'dah, kupo!

If you don't hurry, you might miss your chance! Look for Franz at the Gladiators' Guild in Ul'dah!
The spectacular specimens arrayed before you are the finest to grace the bloodsands. What visionary could pluck these prizes from the great gaggle of gladiators clamoring for glory? Bubudoga, who else!?
In the crucial moments prior to a match, a gladiator must not be distracted. You have been warned; disregard my words, and there will be repercussions.
A prezzie for me? Oh, ya shouldn't've...unless it's one of them new Eshtaime's rings that─ Oh, bugger. It's for Franz, ain't it?
...If yer expectin' me to entertain ye like the boy, then piss off.
And what can I do for you this most beauteous
? Shall I sign your flyer with my mark, perhaps?
Cease that transaction this instant, my provisional postman! I will not permit you to endanger the well-being of my prize gladiator!
Ever the lanista, our Bubudoga. Lately he's been more like an overly concerned father, though.
With ample cause! Every day brings us more disconcerting missives from disgruntled fans and dishonored opponents, with ever more elaborate threats!
Hah! I fear not jealousy and envy from my enemies! Will them words leap from the parchment and do Franz harm?
Wh-What in the seven hells is that horrid stench!?
The foul fruit of poisonous intent─a morbol seedling concealed within the letters! Pray hold your breath whilst I dispose of the creature.
The wages of fame and fortune, mayhap. Franz cannot help but attract the adoration of misguided souls who covet him body and soul.
Melodrama does not become you, my dear. A doe-eyed maiden's affections are no match for an opponent's blade─and both have yet to leave a mark.
Ain't the womenfolk ye need to fear, pretty boy, but their husbands an' the sellswords what they hire to gut ye in yer sleep! Hells, for enough gil, I'd take the job meself!
<cough> <cough> His mutinous phrasing notwithstanding, Langloisiert's suppositions are closest to mine own.
The language of past letters is most telling. “You're all face, pretty boy.” “Stay out of the Coliseum.” “If you step onto the bloodsands again, I'll rip your head off and─” Well, I needn't continue. Suffice it to say, other gladiators are whom I deem to be the most likely culprits.
If so, then these fine upstanding gentlemen and women are more than welcome to seek recompense in the Coliseum. Anyway, I've heard enough─I must clear my head before the match.
Pretty boy's got the right idea there. Think I'll have a drink afore we go to work.
Come now, ya have to admit that was awfully suspicious! Are ya sure Lang ain't behind the threats? He's obviously jealous of Franz's popularity!
I will not attempt to speak to his feelings. That said...Langloisiert and his brethren committed many terrible crimes in the Black Shroud. He may have since “paid” his dues, but how far can we trust a man such as he?
After running afoul of the Brass Blades some time ago, Langloisiert was declared a noxius. I was fortunate enough to witness an early performance, during which his glorious potential became apparent to me. Hence, I saw him properly armed and given into my care, where he flourished─like all my charges─and earned enough to purchase his freedom.

In any case, I firmly believe that these letters are the work of others. Moreover, I am certain that these cretins will make further attempts to harass Franz, or worse, which is why I would engage your services, good postman, to ensure his safety.

I should not be surprised if our enemies attempt to masquerade as devoted fans in order to gain access to Franz. Therefore, I would have you investigate our fans surreptitiously to see if any are behaving suspiciously.

Post these placards on the walls of the Coliseum and distribute these flyers to fans on the Steps of Nald. If you notice aught out of the ordinary, pray inform me, and we shall discuss our next move.
Observe closely the reactions of the fans as you post the placards and distribute the flyers. If these fiends detest Franz as much as I believe, your actions may drive them to reveal their intent.

Or perhaps, like the others, you think Langloisiert responsible? I think not, and for one unassailable reason: Langloisiert was once condemned to the Marasaja Pit for ghastly, violent crimes. It was that selfsame propensity for violence which saw him declared a noxius and earned him his freedom.

If truly he wished to do Franz harm, he would be far more direct, I should think.
Men are not wont to change, particularly when they continue to be rewarded for their faults.
On the bloodsands? I'd trust him, no question. Anywhere else? Hells no.
More than a few gladiators take after Franz the Fair, like this fellow here. Of course, there's no substitute for the real thing!

Oh my, I had no idea Franz was fighting so soon! I was so taken with this imitation that I nearly missed the genuine article. What to wear, what to wear... I must prepare the perfect ensemble to catch his eye and seduce him from─

Ah! Did you feel that? I just had the strangest sensation that someone was staring daggers at us...

Oh gods, I know what it is! Another woman must have overheard my plan, and now she plots to ruin me! Well, I won't let that sway me from my mission! Mark my words: Franz will be mine!
What to get for the man who has everything... Oh, is that a Franz the Fair flyer in your hand? I must have it!

Look at the way the artist has captured his trademark grin! How he glares at his opponents with disdain!

I cannot wait to see this vision become reality in the arena, wielding his─ Oh, that should be splendid! I shall send him the finest sword money can buy!

I shall have the sword inscribed with my name as well, so that he never forgets the name of his beloved benefactor. that a new Franz the Fair placard!? <huff> <puff> Calm yourself, fool! When the time is right, we shall remove it from the wall and add it to the collection...

W-Wait! What is this sensation? Is someone watching us? N-No, not us...we are of no concern to anyone. It is the placard they want, like we do.

Pay me no mind, good sir. I am but another adoring fan of Franz the Fair─like you, I presume. I would certainly never engage in untoward activities in the pursuit of my hobbies.

As you can see, I've left the poster well alone! You didn't need to stare at me so. Eh? It wasn't you? Then who...?
Would you look at that, boys! A new Franz the Fair placard! Cor, look at the beauties they drew cheerin' him on!
He's swivin' your wife, he's swivin' your wife! Franz the Fair, he's swivin' your wife!
The match is almost upon us, boys, so make sure ye know the chants by heart! And don't let me catch either of ye sober when the match starts─this is a godsdamned fight, not a bleedin' service at the Ossuary!
Jobbers cobknots, ya mucker!
So tell me, did you notice aught amiss? Aside from the usual shenanigans preceding a Coliseum match, that is.

I see... Well, it so happens that I sorted through the remainder of Franz's mail and found a score of new threatening letters.

I had no choice but to inform Silent Moss and U'linbho, who were so overwhelmed with concern that they took to the streets in search of their companion.

While we await their return, I would have you continue your covert surveillance of the Coliseum by consorting with our more prestigious guests as my representative.
You may begin with Lady Genevieve. Extend to her your warmest welcome on my behalf─but remain ever vigilant to your surroundings.

There are few who revel in the spectacle of bloodsport as Lady Genevieve. Afford her every courtesy and welcome her as one would welcome a sultana.

However, do not lose sight of your true purpose. You must remain vigilant for any would-be assailants.
Save your pleasantries for another time! My beloved Franz shall walk upon the bloodsands soon, and I would not miss his triumphant return for the world!
That voice just now, from the Steps of Nald... Ahahaha! Some misfortune must have befallen that lowbred Miqo'te! It is past time, I say─she is not fit to fight alongside my Franz!

Do you expect me to welcome your intrusion? You will know that I do not.

I've never understood why Franz needs to fight alongside others in the first place. He's more than capable of dispatching his foes in a beauteous fashion single-handedly!
Uggghhh... I'm fine, I'm fine. One of the bastard's partners must've cracked me on the head from behind. Still can't see straight, but I saw well enough.

Franz was walking towards Emerald Avenue, and Lang was following him at a distance...

How could he!? After everything that Franz and Bubudoga did for him...

Even Mumuepo can't fight his way out of a sentence! If it wasn't for Franz, Lang would've died a noxius!
And that's what'll happen if he's fool enough to kill Franz...but ya won't let him, will ya!?
Don't worry about me─worry about Franz! Find Lang before he does something foolish! choice. Too many innocents. It was all we could do to defend ourselves...
What in the seven hells are ye blabberin' about? Kill Franz!? Did the girl take a tumble an' bash her noggin?
We were wrong, postman. Langloisiert was tracking the gladiators hunting Franz.
It would seem he's been keeping watch over the boy since the moment he left the guild...
Pretty boy's got talent, but he's raw. Knows how to deal with enemies he can see, but hasn't an inklin' how to deal with those he can't. So's I make a habit of followin' him from time to time. 'Course, he's a slippery one an' often gets away.
Credit for this particular failure goes not to Franz, though. The gladiators noticed our presence. We were unprepared, and there were too many innocents.
Sod it. I ain't makin' excuses.

All's I wanted to do was keep him safe. I owe him that much.

Gil, ale, women─'tain't naught compared to freedom. A man what helps you win that is a man you owe for life.

Oi, postman─you're the only one still standin'. Help an ol' whoreson keep his honor an' go after the pretty boy. Him an' the others went out the Gate of Nald.
They wore masks and fought with the fury of Coliseum gladiators. We will need time to recover.
Hmph. More than me body, me pride's in a bad way...
Quit dallyin' and go after the boy! They went out the Gate of Nald!
You'll know them by their masks and their tempers. Be careful.
You sense an unbeauteous presence!
Victory belongs to the brutal!

More friends of pretty boy, eh!?

I've had it up to here with you people!
How does it feel, pretty boy? How does it feel to face true gladiators instead of those marmots they pit you against? Remember this feeling, pretty boy, because if you forget and dare to set foot on the bloodsands again, we'll be forced to carve a reminder into that pretty little face.
Ugh... Such an unbeauteous end! It cannot stand! unbeauteous, how all my friends have suffered for my sake.

But you, good postman─you were magnificent in battle. Beauteous, even─more so than me, to be sure. How did you become such as you are? I must know.

My fans, they cheer for me. They believe me beautiful. Yet, in truth, I could never live up to their expectations if put to a true test. Long have I suspected that the Syndicate conspires to have my party face lesser opponents to ensure our victory...
So when I learned of the gladiators' threats, I was overjoyed! I stoked the fires of their jealousy to invite an attack. Long had I craved a true challenge, and soon I would have it!
'Twas to be my quest alone; none were to be involved, much less hurt. Alas, out of fear for my safety, all have suffered on my account─
Bugger me! If ye wanted a beatin', all ye had to do was ask!
Hells, I've a mind to give him one anyway! There's to be no more moping or sneaking about, is that clear?
This crisis of confidence is hardly warranted, Franz. You're a formidable gladiator─not to mention the soul of this team.
Godsdamned right! We weren't tryin' to protect ye 'cause we thought ye were weak─we were doin' it 'cause that's what yer mates're supposed to do!
Ya hearin' all this, prince of the bloodsands? The pride of Ul'dah? The suave southern dandy? Quit contemplatin' your navel and accept that you're pretty damn good at this gladiator business.
Yeah... YEAH! I am pretty damn good, aren't I!? Beauteous, even! I don't know what came over me...
And with that, I believe it is time for your beauteous return to the shores of gladitoriana.
I'll fight in this match solo. The others are in no condition to participate.
And just like that, he regresses and attempts to shoulder the burden by himself once more. Lest you forget, I am also “pretty good” at this conjury business.
Those weaklings in the Coliseum don't stand a chance against us, even as we are now. Let's just earn our pay an' get back to the training grounds.
Try not to be too efficient. Remember that it's not about if you win, but how you win─the style, the improvisation. Give the crowd something to remember. Then you may return to Halatali.
Say, you should come and join us afterwards, postman! I would love nothing more than to pit my beauteous skills against yours.
Aye, aye! Halatali ain't as glamorous as the bloodsands, but I guarantee ye'll have a grand ol' time!
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This quest's name is "Join the Ludus" backwards, which is similarly named to a 2001 episode of The Simpsons called New Kids on the Blecch which was made famous by the 'Yvan eht Nioj' (Join the Navy) song. A 'ludus' is a Latin word which has several meanings, such as: "Play, game, sport, training"

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