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Sylphic Goldleaf Promissory Note

This item may still be held in inventory, but is no longer obtainable and has been deemed obsolete.

Sylphic Goldleaf Promissory Note Icon.pngSylphic Goldleaf Promissory Note  OBSOLETE
Obsolete Item
A promissory note that can be exchanged for sylphic goldleaves─golden, decaying leaves used as currency by the sylphs.
Stack Size: 999
Sells for: Unsellable
Introduced: Patch 4.1
Obsolete: Patch 4.1
Traded to:
•  Calamity Salvager (Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre)/Certificate Exchange
•  Calamity Salvager (Milvaneth Sacrarium)/Certificate Exchange
•  Calamity Salvager (The Aftcastle)/Certificate Exchange
•  Sylphic Vendor/Currency Exchange

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