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Zone(s): Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks - The Drowning Wench  (11-11)
Affiliation: Limsa Lominsa
Occupation: Levemete

Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Body Type Adult
(~62.6 inches)
Bust Size
Jaw Option 3
Eye Shape Option 2
Iris Size Large
Eye Color
Eyebrows Option 3
Nose Option 1
Mouth Option 1
Lip Color
Lip Shade Light





Starts Quests (1)
Name Lvl XP Gil Type
Leves of Swiftperch &000000000000001000000010&Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".{{{Quest Number}}} 1710 215 Sidequest
Starts Levequests (90)




Name Level Name Classes Items Needed
Skillet Labor 1 T'mokkri Armorer Bronze Skillet

Ain't Got No Ingots 1 T'mokkri Armorer Bronze Ingot

Eyes Bigger than the Plate 1 T'mokkri Armorer Bronze Plate

You've Got Mail 5 T'mokkri Armorer Bronze Haubergeon

Bronzed and Burnt 5 T'mokkri Armorer Bronze Sallet

Headbangers' Thrall 5 T'mokkri Armorer Bronze Barbut

Greavous Losses 10 T'mokkri Armorer Bronze Sabatons

All Ovo That 10 T'mokkri Armorer Iron Skillet

Waist Not, Want Not 10 T'mokkri Armorer Bronze Plate Belt

Cover Girl 15 T'mokkri Armorer Decorated Bronze Barbut

Kiss the Pan (Good-bye) 15 T'mokkri Armorer Initiate's Skillet

Fashion Weak 15 T'mokkri Armorer Iron Cuirass

Night Squawker 20 T'mokkri Armorer Iron Lantern Shield

246 Kinds of Cheese 20 T'mokkri Armorer Iron Frypan

Get Me the Hard Stuff 20 T'mokkri Armorer Ironclad Bronze Buckler

A Leg to Stand On 25 T'mokkri Armorer Heavy Iron Flanchard

Ingot We Trust 25 T'mokkri Armorer Steel Ingot

Tisket Tasset 25 T'mokkri Armorer Steel Tassets

Eyes on a Hard Body 30 T'mokkri Armorer Decorated Buckler

Romper Stomper 30 T'mokkri Armorer Steel-plated Jackboots

Aurochs Star 30 T'mokkri Armorer Bull Hoplon

Hollow Hallmarks 35 T'mokkri Armorer Mythril Ingot

Very Slow Array 35 T'mokkri Armorer Mythril Plate

Get Me the Usual 35 T'mokkri Armorer Heavy Steel Flanchard

Everybody Cut Footloose 40 T'mokkri Armorer Mythril-plated Jackboots

Liquid Persuasion 40 T'mokkri Armorer Mythril Chain Coif

Distill and Know that I'm Right 40 T'mokkri Armorer Mythril Alembic

Feasting the Night Away 45 T'mokkri Armorer Hells' Kitchen

Cobalt Aforethought 45 T'mokkri Armorer Cobalt Plate

Some Dragoons Have All the Luck 45 T'mokkri Armorer High Mythril Armor

Name Level Name Classes Items Needed
Mending Fences (Levequest) 1 T'mokkri Blacksmith Bronze Rivets

Proly Hatchet 1 T'mokkri Blacksmith Bronze Hatchet

Hells Bells 1 T'mokkri Blacksmith Bronze Ingot

Stainless Chef 5 T'mokkri Blacksmith Amateur's Culinary Knife

Bring Me the Head Knife of Al'bedo Derssia 5 T'mokkri Blacksmith Bronze Head Knife

I, Gladius 5 T'mokkri Blacksmith Viking Sword

Farriers of Fortune 10 T'mokkri Blacksmith Amateur's Cross-pein Hammer

Port of Call: Ul'dah 10 T'mokkri Blacksmith Bronze Knuckles

Anutha Spatha 10 T'mokkri Blacksmith Bronze Spatha

Smelt and Dealt 15 T'mokkri Blacksmith Iron Ingot

Riveting Run 15 T'mokkri Blacksmith Iron Rivets

Awl or Nothing 15 T'mokkri Blacksmith Iron Awl

Hearth Maul 20 T'mokkri Blacksmith Iron Sledgehammer

Claw Daddy 20 T'mokkri Blacksmith Iron Claw Hammer

Unseamly Conditions 20 T'mokkri Blacksmith Iron Pickaxe

Cleaving the Glim 25 T'mokkri Blacksmith Iron Round Knife

Time to Upgrade 25 T'mokkri Blacksmith Iron Ornamental Hammer

Mors Dagger 25 T'mokkri Blacksmith Steel Broadsword

The Naked Blade 30 T'mokkri Blacksmith Steel Falchion

Out on a Limb 30 T'mokkri Blacksmith Bas-relief Steel Saw

Can You Spare a Dolabra 30 T'mokkri Blacksmith Steel Dolabra

Awl about Who You Know 35 T'mokkri Blacksmith Wrapped Steel Awl

You Spin Me Round 35 T'mokkri Blacksmith Mythril Broadsword

Spice Cadet 35 T'mokkri Blacksmith Heavy Steel Mortar

A Mixed Message 40 T'mokkri Blacksmith Mythril Pliers

A Weighty Question 40 T'mokkri Blacksmith Mythril Sledgehammer

File That under Whatever 40 T'mokkri Blacksmith Mythril File

No Refunds, Only Exchanges 45 T'mokkri Blacksmith Cobalt File

I'd Rather Be Digging 45 T'mokkri Blacksmith Electrum Head Knife

You Stay on That Side 45 T'mokkri Blacksmith Cobalt Pliers


Name Level Name Classes Items Needed
Trout Fishing in Limsa 1 T'mokkri Culinarian Grilled Trout

In Hot Water 1 T'mokkri Culinarian Boiled Egg

Pork Is a Salty Food 1 T'mokkri Culinarian Table Salt

Whip It 5 T'mokkri Culinarian Sweet Cream

A Real Fungi 5 T'mokkri Culinarian Chanterelle Saute

Jack of All Plates 5 T'mokkri Culinarian Jack-o'-lantern

Keep Your Powder Dry 10 T'mokkri Culinarian Kukuru Powder

Pretty Enough to Eat 10 T'mokkri Culinarian Grilled Carp

Go Ahead and Dig In 10 T'mokkri Culinarian Mole Loaf

A Total Nut Job 15 T'mokkri Culinarian Walnut Bread

Shy Is the Oyster 15 T'mokkri Culinarian Raw Oyster

Omelette's Be Friends 15 T'mokkri Culinarian Dodo Omelette

A Grape Idea 20 T'mokkri Culinarian Grape Juice

Feast of All Soles 20 T'mokkri Culinarian Salmon Meuniere

Brain Food 20 T'mokkri Culinarian Walnut Bread

Cooking with Gas 25 T'mokkri Culinarian Chicken Stock

Convalescence Precedes Essence 25 T'mokkri Culinarian Ginger Cookie

Fever Pitch 25 T'mokkri Culinarian Chamomile Tea

Bloody Good Tart, This 30 T'mokkri Culinarian Blood Currant Tart

Pretty as a Picture 30 T'mokkri Culinarian Dark Vinegar

True Grits 30 T'mokkri Culinarian Cornmeal

No More Dumpster Diving 35 T'mokkri Culinarian Knight's Bread

Feeding Frenzy 35 T'mokkri Culinarian Acorn Cookie

Don't Turn Up Your Nose 35 T'mokkri Culinarian Sauerkraut

Made by Apple in Coerthas 40 T'mokkri Culinarian Apple Juice

The Perks of Life at Sea 40 T'mokkri Culinarian Jerked Beef

Moving Up in the World 40 T'mokkri Culinarian Rolanberry Cheese

Bread in the Clouds 45 T'mokkri Culinarian La Noscean Toast

The Egg Files 45 T'mokkri Culinarian Deviled Eggs

Culture Club 45 T'mokkri Culinarian Crowned Pie







Involved in Quests (1)

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