MainIcon67.pngTHE FAR EDGE OF FATE: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack
The epic tale of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward may have come to a close, but you can relive the memories made along the way with a brand-new Blu-ray® Disc soundtrack!

Comprised of 50 songs from the Patch 3.x series, starting from Patch 3.2 “The Gears of Change” through Patch 3.5 “The Far Edge of Fate,” there are a lot of fan favorites to enjoy from Sound Director Masayoshi Soken and the FFXIV Sound Team! Adventurers can play the music of Alexander: Midas and Creator to accompany them through their daily chores, or pretend they’re facing off against the Warring Triad when doing paperwork at the office, or listen to the haunting melodies from the Mhach series while finishing schoolwork! The Blu-ray also features a robust set of special footage, including a bonus orchestral track recorded in 5.1 channel sound.

The first-production-run edition comes with an in-game item code for the “Wind-up Nidhogg” minion! Celebrate the music that that led to FINAL FANTASY XIV setting a Guinness World Record for “The most original pieces of music in a video game (including expansions)”!

Presenting details of the bonus tracks!

●Bonus Track 1

Scale and Steel (5.1ch Sound Orchestra ver.)

●Bonus Track 2

FINAL FANTASY XIV FAN FESTIVAL 2016 in Tokyo Special Live Performance
Dec. 24, 2016 Piano Performance by Keiko with Susan Calloway
Dec. 25, 2016 Band Performance by THE PRIMALS
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that Japanese import discs have a side sleeve that contains your unique in-game item code.
DO NOT DISCARD THIS SLEEVE as it cannot be replaced.
MP3 Files Included
In addition to the high-quality sound and video that you can experience on your home Blu-Ray player, we have included compressed zip files of all the songs in MP3 format (320kbps)! Extract the music files using a Blu-Ray disc player (including the PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3), or a Blu-Ray compatible PC, and take the music on the go in your favorite MP3 player.
  • Please note that this soundtrack is not a CD. A Blu-Ray disc player is required.
  • Please note that this is a Japanese import soundtrack disc.
  • This item code does not expire. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Square Enix reserves the right to establish an expiration date for this item code by providing advance notice via appropriate channels.
OST Cover - Heavensward FEOF.jpg
Type: Soundtrack
Released: Jun 07, 2017
Format: Blu-ray Disc
Tracks: 50
Catalog ID: SQEX-20033
Bonus Item: Wind-up Nidhogg
Track Title Title (JP) Composer Arrangement Length Orch. Roll
&00000000000000010000001 Fiend 魔神 ~魔神セフィロト討滅戦~ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 8:16 Check.gif
&00000000000000020000002 Down the Up Staircase 上り階段をくだれ ~星海観測 逆さの塔~ Masayoshi Soken Yukiko Takada 4:28 Check.gif
&00000000000000030000003 Dancing Calcabrina 踊る人形カルコブリーナ ~蒼天~ Nobuo Uematsu Masayoshi Soken 2:18 Check.gif
&00000000000000040000004 Revenge Twofold 逆襲の咆哮 Masayoshi Soken Ken Ito 5:09 Check.gif
&00000000000000050000005 Piece of Mind 分かたれし者たち Yukiko Takada Yukiko Takada 2:53 Check.gif
&00000000000000060000006 No Sound, No Scutter 繋がりし者たち Yukiko Takada Yukiko Takada 2:22
&00000000000000070000007 The Kiss 純愛の口づけ Yukiko Takada Yukiko Takada 2:32 Check.gif
&00000000000000080000008 Starved 餓えた狼 ~ザ・フィースト~ Masayoshi Soken GUNN 6:18 Check.gif
&00000000000000090000009 The Ancient City 古の都 ~神聖遺跡 古アムダプール市街~ Masayoshi Soken Yukiko Takada 4:37 Check.gif
&000000000000001000000010 Metal - Brute Justice Mode メタル:ブルートジャスティスモード ~機工城アレキサンダー:律動編~ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken, Ken Ito 4:33 Check.gif
&000000000000001100000011 Holy Consult 聖なる助言者 Nobuo Uematsu Tsutomu Narita 4:39 Check.gif
&000000000000001200000012 Apologies 詫言の詩 ~天竜宮殿 ソール・カイ~ Masayoshi Soken Ken Ito 4:10 Check.gif
&000000000000001300000013 Faith in Her Fury 戦神の教義 ~皇都イシュガルド防衛戦~ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 8:32 Check.gif
&000000000000001400000014 Primogenitor 始祖たる幻龍 Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 7:31 Check.gif
&000000000000001500000015 Freefall 邪竜の急襲 ~ニーズヘッグ征竜戦~ Masayoshi Soken Yoshitaka Suzuki 4:19 Check.gif
&000000000000001600000016 Revenge of the Horde 最期の咆哮 ~ニーズヘッグ征竜戦~ Masayoshi Soken Yoshitaka Suzuki 3:34 Check.gif
&000000000000001700000017 Only the Dead ただ死者のみが見る Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 1:14
&000000000000001800000018 Freedom 自由なる風に吹かれて Nobuo Uematsu Tsutomu Narita 5:30 Check.gif
&000000000000001900000019 Teardrops in the Rain 雨と涙に濡れて ~禁忌都市マハ~ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 4:47 Check.gif
&000000000000001900000019 Torrent 豪雨に打たれて ~禁忌都市マハ~ Masayoshi Soken Ken Ito 4:33
&000000000000002100000021 A Thousand Faces 幾千の顔 ~禁忌都市マハ~ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 1:27 Check.gif
&000000000000002200000022 Blackbosom 漆黒のエッダ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken, Ken Ito 4:48 Check.gif
&000000000000002300000023 The Merry Wanderer Waltz メリー・ワンダラー・ワルツ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 3:35
&000000000000002400000024 Emerald Labyrinth 黒衣の迷宮 Nobuo Uematsu Tsutomu Narita 3:33
&000000000000002500000025 Enraptured 淡き光の夢に Nobuo Uematsu Tsutomu Narita 4:02
&000000000000002600000026 Tears for Mor Dhona モードゥナの涙雨 Nobuo Uematsu Tsutomu Narita 4:28
&000000000000002700000027 Fog of Phantom トイレに行けない夜 Masaharu Iwata Yoshimi Kudo 4:42 Check.gif
&000000000000002800000028 Notice of Death 死亡報告 Hitoshi Sakimoto Azusa Chiba 2:40 Check.gif
&000000000000002900000029 Blasphemous Experiment 笛吹大魔王 Masaharu Iwata Masaharu Iwata 2:31 Check.gif
&000000000000003000000030 The Gauntlet ガントレット Masayoshi Soken Ken Ito 3:29
&000000000000003100000031 Hyper Rainbow Z ハイパーレインボーZ Yukiko Takada Yukiko Takada 1:46 Check.gif
&000000000000003200000032 Up at Dawn 朝まで大騒ぎ Yukiko Takada Yukiko Takada 2:13 Check.gif
&000000000000003300000033 Grounded 地殻 ~峻厳渓谷 ゼルファトル~ Nobuo Uematsu Yukiko Takada 4:51 Check.gif
&000000000000003400000034 Bibliophobia ビブリオフォビア ~稀書回収 グブラ幻想図書館~ Masayoshi Soken Yukiko Takada 4:51 Check.gif
&000000000000003500000035 Exponential Entropy 指数崩壊 ~機工城アレキサンダー:天動編~ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 6:25 Check.gif
&000000000000003600000036 Out of Time 刻の外側 ~機工城アレキサンダー:天動編~ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 4:43
&000000000000003700000037 Moebius メビウス ~機工城アレキサンダー:天動編~ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken, Kenichi Kuroda 4:21 Check.gif
&000000000000003800000038 Stasis Loop 無限停止 ~機工城アレキサンダー:天動編~ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 1:28
&000000000000003900000039 Rise ライズ ~機工城アレキサンダー:天動編~ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 4:19 Check.gif
&000000000000004000000040 Fragments of Forever 永遠の欠片 Nobuo Uematsu Tsutomu Narita 2:23 Check.gif
&000000000000004100000041 He Who Continues the Attack 勝利への猛攻 Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 6:54 Check.gif
&000000000000004200000042 Battle to the Death - Heavensward 死闘 ~蒼天~ Nobuo Uematsu Masayoshi Soken 6:08 Check.gif
&000000000000004300000043 Equilibrium 女神 ~女神ソフィア討滅戦~ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 6:46 Check.gif
&000000000000004400000044 Promises 約束の地 ~影の国ダン・スカー~ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 4:33 Check.gif
&000000000000004500000045 Shadow of the Body 影法師 ~影の国ダン・スカー~ Masayoshi Soken Yukiko Takada 5:14 Check.gif
&000000000000004600000046 Quicksand 砂塵 Nobuo Uematsu Tsutomu Narita 4:38 Check.gif
&000000000000004700000047 Penultimania ペンウルティマニア ~鬼神ズルワーン討滅戦~ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 3:47
&000000000000004800000048 Infinity 鬼神 ~鬼神ズルワーン討滅戦~ Masayoshi Soken Masayoshi Soken 3:20 Check.gif
&000000000000004900000049 Another Brick アナザーブリック ~巨大防壁 バエサルの長城~ Masayoshi Soken Yukiko Takada 3:58 Check.gif
&000000000000005000000050 Scale and Steel 銀鱗と鋼鉄 Masayoshi Soken Sachiko Miyano 4:25