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Affiliation: Auspices

Also known simply as the "nine-tailed fox," Tamamo is a powerful auspice, unrivaled by even fellow foxes who have undergone the change. She appears in several legends, but the most popular is the tale if Tamamo Gozen and Lord Shoen of Doma.

Long, long ago, while making her way to the One River for refreshment, Tamamo strumbled upon a gravely wounded samurai. Taking pity on the youth, she transformed herself into a maiden and, snatching him from the jaws of death, carried him to her shrine deep in the mountains. As fate would have it, the young samurai was none other than Shoen -younger brother to Doma's ruler, Seien and leader of the people's rebellion. Shoen was immensely grateful for Tamamo's ministrations, but his thoughts were always with his comrades and his people, and he yearned to return to the battlefield to aid them. For her part, Tamamo was deeply moved by his idealism and compassion, and soon fell in love. When it came time for the fully healed Shoen to leave her, she bagged that she be allowed to accompany him; however, still believing her to be a young lady, he refused to entertain the thought. Undeterred, Tamamo at last revealed her true form.

"My lord," she said, "I am no fragile maiden. Indeed, I think you shall find my strength a boon in the days to come." Thus did Tamamo Gozen join Lord Shoen's cause, granting him the power to depose his brother at last, and free his people from tyrannical rule. Upon taking the throne, Shoen spared no expense in rebuilding Tamamo's mountain shrine, and instilled in his children and grandchildren a reverence for her that would last long after he passed on. Tamamo herself swore to protect Yanxia evermore.

As a matter of interest: those present during the Garlean invasion twenty-five years ago claim to have seen a nine-tailed fox fending off the encroaching army and knocking airships from the sky. In the end, it was surrounded by warmachina and simply vanished from the battlefield, leaving only rumors of the legendary Tamamo Gozen in its wake.

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