Teledji Adeledji

NPC Icon.pngTeledji Adeledji
  Lalafell / Dunesfolk / Male
Zone(s): Mob14 Icon.pngUl'dah - Steps of Nald - Hall of Flames  (8-9)
Affiliation: Ul'dah
Occupation: Syndicate Member

"When government fails to act, the responsibility falls to us private citizens."

A Lalafellin man of fifty-five years, Teledji Adeledji was born to a Plainsfolk father from Limsa Lominsa and a wealthy Dunesfolk mother from Ul'dah. He inherited much from his parents, including their mercantile sense, and with that small fortune, he tried his hand at the moneylanding business. Increasing his funds manifold through usury, he began to purchase promising ventures and small shops. Teledji gained renown when he opened the Platinum Mirage, and the wealthy came in droves to try their luck in its halls. His coffers swelled, so much so that he even took to collecting and breeding exotic pets. Since the Calamity, however, his earnings have slowed.

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Additional Dialogue
I will not deny that certain portions of the refugee population have been a burden on the sultanate—but I take issue with my counterparts' contention that they account for the majority. In this they are plainly mistaken. Even so, we must not think ill of them for wishing to protect our great nation.
Pre-Calamity Dialogue
I am Teledji Adeledji, head of the Mirage Trust. You may not know of me, but certainly you have heard of the Trust's Platinum Mirage here in town. I sit on the Syndicate, as well. When Raubahn was jumped-up to a seat on our council for amassing a fortune in blood money, he dishonored us all by leaving the city without a word. Only when he learned of Garlemald's plot to attack did he return. He has since remade the Immortal Flames of old, 'tis true, but the army is as patchwork as a mummer's motley. What can they hope to do against the might of Garlemald? And now he would have us cast our lot with the bumpkins of Gridania and the scoundrels of Limsa Lominsa? It is enough to make a lord laugh! What have we to gain from this, hm? We of the Syndicate have a hand in politics, yes, but we are merchants at heart. Do not forget that. To us, it is plain that the other nations mean to use the chaos as an excuse to tap the coffers of Ul'dah.
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Teledji Adeledji owned a rare gil turtle. [1]

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