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Teleporting is the quickest method of transportation in Eorzea. Once a player has attuned with an Aetheryte crystal, the player may teleport at any time (except while in combat) to that location, from anywhere.
Requirements Restrictions
  • Teleporting costs a certain amount of gil, depending on the distance to the destination.
  • 3 Aetheryte can be designated Favored Destinations which provides for teleportation at a reduced fare.
  • If you have a security token tied to your account, 1 Aetheryte can be designated as a "Free Destination," which provides for free teleportation to that location until the token is removed or the location changed.
  • Aetheryte Tickets can be used, if available, instead of paying gil.
  • Cannot be used if you or the party are engaged in combat.
  • Cannot be used in Dungeons or while bound by Duty.
  • When teleporting, any nearby party members in the same zone of the person initiating teleport will be offered the chance to also teleport to that destination for free, by selecting the "Accept Teleport" command from the prompt that appears. They may only do this if they have been to the destination Aetheryte before. Party members do not need to move away to avoid being teleported, they can simply ignore or decline the teleport offer.
    • This "free ride" does not happen if a initiating player teleports to their Personal or Grand Company House, even if other party members are part of the Grand Company and have access to the house.
  • As previously implied, only the player initiating the teleport pays the gil fee. When partying, having one player teleport to the destination, and another player teleport the party home can be a great way to save on gil.

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