Template:ARR Infobox Fishing

{{ARR Infobox Fishing
|Item           = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|FishingLoc     = <!-- The location of the Fishing Hole being added -->
|HoleBait       = <!-- Bait used to catch the fish at this location -->
|HoleConditions = <!-- Conditions required to catch the fish at this location ie: Time of day -->
|Normal Weather = <!-- List of different weather that Fish can be caught in, comma delineated -->
|Weather Chain  = <!-- List in order of chain, ie: "Rain, Clear" for Clear skies AFTER Rain -->
|Mooch          = <!-- If fish is caught via Mooching, list the fish is used as Mooch bait -->
|Mooch Chain    = <!-- If fish is caught by multiple Mooches, list fish in order -->
|Intuition      = <!-- Fish that must be caught to trigger "Fisher's Intuition," New for 2.4 -->
|Intuition Count= <!-- If >1, number of times trigger fish must be caught -->
|Folklore       = <!-- Which regional folklore is needed to catch this fish, ie. Abalathian -->