Ten-thousand-year Pine

Zoneicon.pngTen-thousand-year Pine
No ordinary tree, the Ten-thousand-year Pine was planted in the latter days of the Allagan Empire by the Onishishu to record the final act of their founder before he gave his life to create the monster Hiruko, arbiter of the thirtieth floor of Heaven-on-High.
Area: Rasen Kaikyo
Zone: The Ruby Sea (17-4)
Region: The Ruby Sea (Region)
Landmass: Othard
World: Hydaelyn
Type: Outdoor
Aetheryte: Onokoro
Weather: varies
Expansion: Stormblood
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Monsters (1)
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Mining (1)
Item Node (Slot) Node Req. Gathering Req.
Raw Star Spinel 8 Level:65 Unspoiled
(12 AM/PM)
Level: 63
Perception HQ Icon.png 780
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