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Across the Sea of Jade lies the island of Thavnair. [1] It is the largest landmass on the Bounty (with Uznair just south of it) and the city-state of Radz-at-Han is located on and governs the island. [2] It is known for its alkali sands [3] and the blistering heat of its midday sun. [1] The island's desert climate makes it difficult to grow wheat, making imported high-quality flour valuable on Thavnair.[1]

The stone Giantsgall is found only on Thavnair possessing exceptional hardness. Its name is derived from the legend of a Far Eastern hero who voyaged to the island and vanquished a savage giant. A nearby stone drank up the giant’s blood and gall, receiving its strength.[4]

Lassi is a drink made from cultured milk popular in Thavnair. The mint variety is known for its ability to offset the heat while Rolanberry lassi is known for its ability to soothe the burn of heavily-spiced dishes.

Chocobo enjoy the flavor of Thavnairian onions, which are pungent and tear-inducing and Han lemons, which are foul and bitter.

The people of Thavnair are famed for their alchemy. Thavnairian mistletoe is a potent variety of parasitic plant commonly found growing on acacia trees. According to custom, if two people meet beneath mistletoe, they must exchange shoes. Thavnairian mistletoe is a major ingredient in X-Potions, X-Ether, and Hi-Elixirs—as well as Spiritbond Potion. Thavnairian Mist is a concentrated elixir created on the island.

The Adamantoise is a species of giant turtle native to Thavnair. Long thought to be impossible to domesticate, the efforts of Ul’dahn zoologists have managed to tame a handful these colossal scalekin. [5]
Location: The Bounty
Realm: Near East
World: Hydaelyn
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