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The Ascians (Unending Codex)

Unending Codex Icon.pngThe Ascians
Acquired from: Shadowed Remnants
Unending Codex
The Ascians
Throughout Eorzean history, whether it be in folklore or myth, there has been scattered mention of dark-robed figures known variously as “Ascians” or “Paragons.” With their twisted words, they would incite strife between peoples, or indeed, entire nations─often escalating hostilities by instructing the beleaguered inhabitants in the rituals of primal summoning.

While this portrayal was not inaccurate, it was not the entire story. In the course of their efforts to counter the machinations of the Ascians, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn came to understand the true nature of their enemy. They learned that the cabal was comprised of thirteen prominent individuals: three “unsundered” survivors of the Convocation of Fourteen, the council which had orchestrated the summoning of Zodiark in antiquity; and ten “sundered” souls─fragments of members restored to their former offices. They were known as Loghrif, Mitron, Emet-Selch, Pashtarot, Fandaniel, Altima, Halmarut, Nabriales, Igeyorhm, Deudalaphon, Emmerololth, Lahabrea, and Elidibus. These positions served as both name and title, for should an Ascian fall, another bearing a shard of the same soul would be found and raised to the vacant seat.

The Ascians' ultimate purpose was nothing less than the restoration of their dark god, Zodiark, and the resurrection of their ancient brethren. Such miracles demanded they sow chaos in both the Source and its reflections, that they might cultivate the conditions for cataclysmic Rejoinings. Only then would Zodiark be freed of His chains, and the souls of the modern age be worthy of offering up in sacrifice.