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The Baldesion Arsenal

061833.pngThe Baldesion Arsenal
Miscellaneous Duty

The Baldesion Arsenal.png
The Baldesion Arsenal is a brutally difficult open dungeon that can be challenged by up to 56 players at once. To enter, you will need to complete the main Eureka storyline and prepare for the worst.[1]


Restrictions: Time limit- 25 minutes

Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
Type: Miscellaneous Duty
Zone: Eureka Hydatos
Region: ??? (Region)
Synced iLevel: 300
Expansion: Stormblood
Patch: Patch 4.55

  1. Arrive at one of the first two containment units
  2. Clear one of the first two containment units
  3. Arrive at the Shin-Zantetsuken Containment Unit
  4. Clear the Shin-Zantetsuken Containment Unit
  5. Arrive at the Lance of Virtue Containment Unit
  6. Clear the Lance of Virtue Containment Unit
  7. Arrive at the Proto Ozma Containment Unit
  8. Defeat Proto Ozma
  9. Conquer the Baldesion Arsenal
Art and Owain
Players on the West path will go to Art, the Black Spear, while players on the East path will go to Owain, the White Spear. The bosses must be killed together; they will both stay alive until both reach 1 HP. Players should have a certain array of Logos Actions across all groups that are not detailed here.

Art, the Black Spear

Attack Name Description
Thricecull Tankbuster.
Spears The boss will summon numerous spears that tether to him. Immediately followed by Legendcarver or Legendspinner. After Art uses the ability, the spears will immediately use the same ability. Players will need to dodge the AoE from Art, and then the one from the spears.
Legendcarver Large AoE on the boss. Often used with Spears.
Legendspinner Large donut AoE on the boss. Often used with Spears.
Acallum no Senorach Raid-wide AoE damage.
Gravity Ball The boss jumps away, leaving behind a proximity marker. One player will be marked with a chase AoE, which will hit them numerous times. Marked player should run away from it, trying to avoid other players. Other players should dodge the marked player while avoiding the proximity marker.
Spiritcall Marks multiple players with red triangles. Marked players need to stack together to avoid being hit.
Legendary Geas The floor will turn black. Any player that moves while the floor is black will be afflicted by a heavy slow debuff. Followed by Line AoEs.
Line AoEs Easy to dodge unless slowed by Legendary Geas. Movement abilities or sprint can be used to try to avoid damage.

Advice and Tips

  • Keep an eye on the Spears so you know where they are to position yourself for Legendcarver or Legendspinner.
  • The movement on Spears can be tight, and the AoEs deceptively large. If the boss uses Legendcarver, you must immediately move to the dead center of the arena afterwards. If the boss uses Legendspinner, you must immediately move directly on top of a spear afterwards.
  • Casters can outrange Art's Legendspinner if they're standing at maximum casting range.
  • Do not move during Legendary Geas so you don't die to the Line AoEs.
  • Make sure to stack for Spiritcall to avoid being hit with avoidable damage.
  • If you are marked for Gravity Ball, keep running. Try to avoid other players, but they should also know to get out of your way.

Owain, the White Spear

Attack Name Description
Thricecull Tankbuster.
Elemental Shift The boss will shift elements to either Ice or Fire. The glowing balls circling him will change to match. Used for Elemental Magics.
Elemental Magics A large AoE circle around the boss. Also used by the Mythcall spears.
Mythcall Summons 8 spears in a ring around the arena that are attuned to either Ice or Fire. Will cast Elemental Magics in sync with Owain, but only if they are the same element that he changed to for Elemental Shift.
Spiritcall Marks multiple players with red triangles. Marked players need to stack together to avoid being hit.
Hands Multiple hands will appear and tether to random players. Tethered players must both turn to look at it to freeze it in place and move into melee range of the hand to remove its Damage Resistance buff. After a short time if they are not killed, the hands will explode, dealing heavy damage to players. If a player is not looking at their tethered hand, it will continue to approach them, eventually hitting them and potentially oneshotting them.
Acallum no Senorach Raid-wide AoE damage.

Advice and Tips

  • Keep an eye on what element Owain is attuned to when he uses Elemental Shift to make it easier to dodge Elemental Magics.
  • Watch the Mythcall spears so you know what they are attuned to to dodge Elemental Magics.
  • Make sure to stack for Spiritcall to avoid being hit with avoidable damage.
  • If you receive a Hand tether, make sure to look at the hand while approaching it so it stops moving and you remove its buff. Turning away can result in death.
  • The Hands should die ASAP to prevent them from exploding.
Damascene Cloth Icon.png Cryptic Seal Icon.png
(Fixed Rate Drop)
Eureka Fragment Icon.png
Attack Name Description
Spirits of the Fallen Raid-wide AoE damage.
Shingan Tankbuster.
Thundercall The edge of the arena becomes electrified, dealing damage/killing players(?) who touch it.
Booming Lament Large AoE that takes some time to go off. Avoid the area until it has actually detonated before returning.
Ame-no-Sakahoki The boss will backflip across the arena and use a massive AoE when he lands. Anticipate his landing location and move ahead of time; you won't have time to move after he lands.
Whirling Zantesuken The boss will hold his sword up in the air before he uses a large donut AoE. Safespot is inside his hitbox.
For Honor The boss will hold his sword to the ground before using an unmarked circle AoE. Players need to move away to avoid damage.
Charge Attack The boss will teleport away to an edge of the arena. Multiple players will be marked with AoEs, then he will charge down the center of the arena, with his glowing sword on one side dealing damage to all players on that half of the arena. Players should all stack in the center to bait the AoEs, then move to the side of the boss that doesn't have a glowing sword.
Lancing Bolt Six players are marked with AoEs. Marked players should spread apart; after a few seconds, the AoE will go off, leaving behind a Spear in each spot. These must be killed before Ultimate Zantetsuken goes off.
Ultimate Zantetsuken Will deal extremely heavy damage if the spears from Lancing Bolt remain alive when the cast finishes. Killing all spears will reduce the damage.
Cloud to Ground Multiple AoEs that will travel in a line across the arena, dealing damage at each location. Players should stand beside the first one and wait for it to go off, then move into the new safe spot. Will use with Bitter Barbs the first time it appears and Levinwhorl the second time it appears. (This is the Exaflare mechanic from o10s)
Bitter Barbs Used during Cloud to Ground. Multiple players marked with small AoEs and other players tethered together. Tethered players must move in opposite directions to break the tethers.
Levinwhorl Heavy, raidwide AoE damage. Swap to defensive to mitigate.

Advice and Tips

  • Cloud to Ground looks scary, but is quite easy to deal with. Just stay stacked behind the first AoE and you won't have much to worry about.
  • You have plenty of time to avoid Charge Attack, so focus on dodging the AoEs first and *then* adjust to make sure you're on the safe half of the arena.
  • Later in the fight, the boss may use Whirling Zantetsuken and For Honor back to back.
  • If you have good DPS, you can avoid the second round of Lancing Bolts. If you don't, he will use Lancing Bolts and Charge Attack at the same time. Stack center to bait the initial Charge Attack AoEs, spread for Lancing Bolts, then dodge the final Charge Attack.
  • If the fight goes on for long enough, Raiden will overlap Cloud to Ground and Levinwhorl. Go behind the first exaflare, swap to defensive element, and apply raidwide shields to survive this.
Shin-Zantetsuken Icon.png Great Shin-Zantetsuken Icon.png Damascene Cloth Icon.png Cryptic Seal Icon.png
(Fixed Rate Drop)
Eureka Fragment Icon.png
Absolute Virtue
Before fighting Absolute Virtue, players need to clear out the 6 siderooms. Split into 6 teams with at least 1 tank and healer in each and spread the DPS across them. Each team should ensure they are all inside the room before activating the blue switch; as soon as it activates, the room is locked and no one can get in or out until all the monsters it spawns die.

Upon activating all 6 switches, the FATE The Baldesion Arsenal: Expedition Support will spawn in Hydatos. This FATE must be completed to allow for an easier fight against Absolute Virtue, as successful completion removes his super buff. It also opens an additional 8 Aetherial Nodes to allow additional players entry to the instance.

Absolute Virtue has the following moves and mechanics:

Attack Name Description
Meteor Raid-wide AoE damage.
Auroral Wind Tankbuster. Hits in a small AoE around the MT. Avoid standing near them.
Medusa Javelin Conal AoE targeted on a random player.
Eidos When cast, the boss will gain either Light or Dark bracelets. Affects Impact Stream and Hostile Aspect.
Impact Stream Splits the arena in half, with one side being Light and the other side Dark. Players need to stand on the opposite color of the Bracelets. Standing on the incorrect side results in death; standing on the correct side deals heavy damage. Also used by the Clones.
Hostile Aspect Multiple AoEs will appear around the arena, colored either Light or Dark. AoEs that are the same color as the Bracelets will grow larger just before they go off. Players need to move to stand in an area where the AoEs aren't covering and where the growing AoEs won't affect them.
Turbulent Aether Multiple players will be tethered to orbs that are either Light or Dark, and multiple small Light and Dark AoE circles will appear on the ground. Players must check what color orb they have, and then stand in an AoE of the opposite color and wait until the orb explodes on contact with the AoE.
Clones The boss teleports away and leaves behind multiple proximity markers. Players need to dodge this first set of AoEs, and then prepare for the actual Clones to spawn. These will use Impact Stream; keep an eye on their bracelets to determine the "safe" spot. Immediately after, there will a final proximity marker. There will still be heavy damage, so healers should shield up their team and be prepared to AoE heal a few times during this phase.
Lightning Wyverns The boss will summon two Lightning Wyverns. An OT attuned to the lightning element needs to pick these up and they should be burned down ASAP. If they aren't killed in time, they explode, dealing heavy raid-wide AoE damage and applying a raid-wide Damage Down debuff. The boss will use Turbulent Aether and Medusa Javelin during this.

Advice and Tips

  • The puddles spawned by Hostile Aspect are safe to cross up until they explode, so just beeline to the nearest safe location.
  • Stay in the opposite colored AoE for Turbulent Aether until your orb disappears.
  • Don't worry about dragging the Turbulent Aether orbs through the raid; they will only go off if they touch the person they are tethered to.
  • If you can't find a safe puddle to stand in for Turbulent Aether in time, at the very least, make sure to be far away from other players to avoid hitting them with the explosion.
  • The boss will immediately follow Turbulent Aether with Medusa Javelin, so stay close to the boss until the conal AoE appears before heading off to your puddle location.
  • There is heavy raid damage during Clones, so healers should pre-shield and be prepared for multiple AoE heals during this.
Damascene Cloth Icon.png Cryptic Seal Icon.png Conditional Virtue Icon.png
(Fixed Rate Drop)
Eureka Fragment Icon.png
Proto Ozma
Split into 3 groups, with at least 1 tank per group. These tanks must maintain the top 3 threat during the fight, as the boss will auto-attack the highest threat on each platform. It is possible to fall off, so walk carefully (Falling to your death before the fight even starts would be embarrassing after all).
Attack Name Description
Ozma Formshift Ozma has 4 forms, 3 of which are his regular battle forms and a 4th as his transition state. The transition state will happen every time he changes battle forms. Each form has a unique Auto--attack.
  • Sphere: Transition form. On transform, he will cast Black Hole. Summons Ozmashades during this.
  • Spikes: To start, uses a massive circle AoE that covers the inside of the platforms and the ring around the arena, forcing players to the edge of their platform. Uses Meteor Impact and Shooting Star during this.
  • Cube: To start, uses a massive donut AoE that covers the outside of the platforms and the ring around the arena, forcing players to the inside of their platform. Uses Meteor and Holy during this.
  • Triangle: To start, uses three wide line AoEs down the center of each platform, covering the entire thing. Players need to move onto the ring around the arena to avoid. Uses Meteor, Meteor Impact, and Acceleration Bomb during this.
Black Hole On finishing the cast, draws all players towards him, spinning them into the air and sucking them into the sphere before spitting them out at the entrance to Hydatos. At least 1 player must be standing on each of the 6 panels to avoid everyone being sucked in, and all players must be standing on a panel to prevent themselves from being sucked in.
Auto-attacks Ozma's auto-attacks differ between his different Forms, so players will need to remember which is which to avoid being hit unnecessarily.
  • Sphere: Single target attack on player with highest threat on each platform.
  • Spikes: Random player on each platform will be affected by a shared damage AoE. Stay stacked as much as possible.
  • Cube: Line AoE on player with highest threat on each platform. Affected player should identify themselves quickly and stand on one side of the platform, while the rest of the group moves to the other side.
  • Triangle: Hits a random player who isn't in melee range with an AoE Bleed debuff. If everyone is in melee range, will affect a random player in melee range. Put one player in the back to bait the Bleed away from the group.
Ozmashades Use the same ability as Ozma's starting Formshift ability. They are summoned at the end of each Sphere phase and during each major Formshift (not including the first one).
  • Spikes: Uses a large AoE.
  • Cube: Uses a large donut AoE.
  • Triangle: Shoots a laser through main platforms.
Meteor Impact Happens during Spikes and Triangle. Places markers on 2 players per platform for a total of 6 markers. One marker should be dropped at the back of the platform, and another dropped to either side (determine this ahead of time so players aren't dropping the AoEs on the same sides). After the marker fades, will leave behind a proximity marker, which (after exploding) becomes an add that players need to burn ASAP before they can use Tornado.
Shooting Star Happens during Spikes. Knocks players back from the center of the platform. Players need to be knocked to the front or back of the platform or onto the ring to avoid falling to their deaths.
Meteor Happens during Spikes and Cube. Obvious stack mechanic. Deals magic damage and applies a Magic Vulnerability Up debuff on hit. Tanks who are/will be taking damage should avoid standing in this.
Holy Happens during Cube. Roomwide AoE with a small knockback. Avoid standing on the back edge of the platform; if you are against the inner ring you will be fine.
Acceleration Bombs Happens during Triangle. A debuff with a variable time on it, from 8~24 seconds. When the timer ticks down to 4 seconds, a die will appear over the players head with an orbiting trail of orbs. Players can count down the seconds remaining on this debuff as the die will count down the remaining seconds. When it hits zero, the debuff will go off. If the player is moving in any way, they will be dropped to 10% HP and receive a Damage Down debuff. To avoid this, players must either sheathe their weapons to prevent auto attacks and not use any spells/skills, or target themselves and not move their character (either by holding right-click and moving your mouse around, or by using movement keybinds.) Moving your camera by holding left-click does not trigger this.

Advice and Tips

  • Ozma always starts off by Formshifting to the Spikes, but all other Formshifts after that are random, with each having a short Sphere phase between them.
  • All players must be standing on a platform to avoid being removed from the instance for Sphere phase and at least one player must be standing on a platform to avoid all players being removed.
  • He can Formshift back into the same form that he was previously using. Be prepared to deal with the same mechanics again.
  • During Sphere phase, the Ozmashade ability will go off first and then Ozma's ability. Use this knowledge to our advantage on figuring out where to stand.
  • Avoid any movement towards the end of the Acceleration Bomb debuff.
  • As the fight progresses, Ozma will start doubling up on abilities, using them at the same time. Eg. Meteor and Acceleration Bomb together.
  • Ozma has a hard enrage at 10:30 with an excessively long cast of Shooting Star.
(Fixed Rate Drop)
Eureka Fragment Icon.png Damascene Cloth Icon.png Cryptic Seal Icon.png Turmoil Orchestrion Roll Icon.png
Additional Coffers
Treasure Coffer:
Eureka Fragment Icon.png Damascene Cloth Icon.png Cryptic Seal Icon.png Obscure Logogram Icon.png


The entry requirements for this duty are extremely strict, as savage bosses, devious traps, and an effect that prevents resurrection by certain means all await you within.

The Baldesion Arsenal will present a unique challenge to even the most storied of adventurers, no matter how easily they have forged a path through Eureka thus far. Entry in itself will be difficult, and once inside, you must expect to face many a bitter defeat before ever tasting victory.

To clear the dungeon, adventurers will need wisdom, bravery, strength, perseverance, trust in their companions...and a whole lot of time.

This will not be easy. Be prepared.

Entering the Baldesion Arsenal

Players can access the Baldesion Arsenal after reaching Elemental level 60 and completing the Eureka storyline. To enter, players need to access special Aetherial Nodes found throughout Hydatos. The nodes will only spawn after successful completion of the FATE I Don't Want to Believe, which only spawns during Umbral Turbulence weather. The change in weather is random(?) and is signified in the chat log with a message: "Umbral turbulence is destabilizing the flow of aether in Hydatos." Players will also need to have the buff Aetherially Primed, also acquired from successful completion of the FATE I Don't Want to Believe, to be able to use the nodes. The buff lasts for 10 minutes.

Currently, it is speculated that there must be an eligible level 60 player in the instance for the FATE to spawn, as well as no players currently inside BA in that particular instance. This means the FATE can respawn within ~30 minutes of it being up previously.

Aetherial Nodes

There are two varieties of aetherial nodes: unstable blue nodes, and stable red nodes. Regardless of type, each node will disappear once accessed by a player, or if a certain amount of time passes without its being accessed. Only the player who accesses a node will be transported, even if that player is in a party at the time. The only bonus to using the unstable nodes over the stable nodes is priority access.

The unstable blue nodes require an Aetheric Stabilizer to be able to use them, which can be acquired in Hydatos. They will be consumed once they are used to access a node. The nodes appear 5 minutes before they transform into stable nodes.

The stable red nodes don't require an Aetheric Stabilizer, but will only appear after the disappearance of an unstable node. These also appear for 5 minutes before disappearing.

Resurrection Penalty

Upon entry, the detrimental status effect "Resurrection Restricted" will be applied. While this status is active, you can only be resurrected via limit break or the Logos Action Sacrifice L. For this reason, be aware that KO carries a heavy risk, including the loss of Elemental experience and levels (~68,838,229 Elemental experience).

Withdrawl & Re-entry

If you use choose the Return function from the menu, or accept the prompt to return to the starting point while KO'd in the Baldesion Arsenal, you will be removed from the dungeon and transported to the expedition camp in Eureka Hydatos. To re-enter the dungeon, you will once again need to access an aetherial node, so think carefully before returning.


There is a timer inside the Baldesion Arsenal. Each time you kill a boss or clear a major room, this timer is extended. Your own personal current Hydatos zone timer will also be extended to match this timer so you aren't removed preemptively.

Drop Table (8)
Item Type iLvl Requirements Stats
 Obscure Logogram Icon.png  
Obscure Logogram
Gold chest icon.pngFATE Icon.png
 Other  &00000000000000010000001 Crystallized memory that likely contains knowledge of arts so specialized or ill-advised as to have been kept hidden from all but a select few.

 Conditional Virtue Icon.png  
Conditional Virtue
Gold chest icon.pngMap17 Icon.png
 Minion  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001
Req. Level 1
Cuddle not to dullness; coddle not to elevation.

Use item to acquire the Conditional Virtue minion.

 Cryptic Seal Icon.png  
Cryptic Seal
Gold chest icon.png
 Miscellany  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001
Req. Level 1
A small statuette engraved with inscrutable ancient pictographs.

 Damascene Cloth Icon.png  
Damascene Cloth
Gold chest icon.png
 Cloth  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001
Req. Level 1
This cloth was woven using a long and complicated process. It is a traditional fabric from the south of Othard.

 Great Shin-Zantetsuken Icon.png  
Great Shin-Zantetsuken
Gold chest icon.png
 Dark Knight's Arm  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001 DRK
Req. Level 1
Physical Damage 9Magic Damage 5
Strength &0000000000000000000000+0
Vitality &0000000000000000000000+0

 Shin-Zantetsuken Icon.png  
Gold chest icon.png
 Samurai's Arm  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001 SAM
Req. Level 1
Physical Damage 9Magic Damage 5
Strength &0000000000000000000000+0
Vitality &0000000000000000000000+0

 Turmoil Orchestrion Roll Icon.png  
Turmoil Orchestrion Roll
Gold chest icon.png
 Orchestrion Roll  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001
Req. Level 1
Music roll for Turmoil. Use to add to your orchestrion list.

 Eureka Fragment Icon.png  
Eureka Fragment
Gold chest icon.png
 Miscellany  &0000000000000405000000405&00000000000000010000001
Req. Level 1
Surprisingly heavy for its size, this cube contains a small portion of the aether that comprises the primal Eureka itself.

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