The Black Storm

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 57   The Black Storm
Flying the Nest Image.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png38,400 Gil Icon.png997
Optional Rewards
Battledance Materia IV Icon.png Quickarm Materia IV Icon.png Quicktongue Materia IV Icon.png 
Informationicon.png Description
Gunu Vanu is all out of ideas-- and second chances.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Gunu Vanu
The Sea of Clouds -The Blue Window -Ok' Zundu (12-14)
Type: Sidequest
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngLazing Saddles
NPCs Involved: Guna VanuAanu Vanu
Mobs Involved: 6th Legion Bestiarius6th Legion Veles6th Legion Triarius6th Legion Myrmillo6th Legion Imaginifer
NPC Locations
Gunu Vanu in The Sea of Clouds at (12.5-14.5)
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Guna Vanu in The Sea of Clouds at (10.6-14.8)
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Gunu Vanu in The Sea of Clouds at (10.6-14.8)
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Gunu Vanu in The Sea of Clouds at (30.3-13.6)
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Aanu Vanu in The Sea of Clouds at (12.6-14.5)
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Gunu Vanu in The Sea of Clouds at (15.1-10)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png Guna Vanu in The Sea of Clouds at (10.6-14.8)
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  • Try as he might, Gunu Vanu can come up with no ideas for his final chance at the rite of passage. As he is wont to do, Gunu Vanu decides to turn to his family for help. Talk to Guna Vanu and listen to any suggestions he has.
  • Guna Vanu remarks that the only thing his brother has proven to be skilled at is sneaking and stealing, and suggests that Gunu Vanu creeps into the Garlean─or “Garloon”─outpost to steal one of the many shiny objects that lie strewn about. Gunu Vanu musters up as much courage as he can and heads in the direction of the outpost. Follow him and give what aid he requires.
  • Recalling the time you distracted the elder shaman with your dancing, Gunu Vanu asks you to throw the Garlean ranks into chaos to aid him in his sneaking. Slay three imperial soldiers to create a diversion.
  • The troops are staggering from your sudden and brutal assault. Report to Gunu Vanu, who is cowering in the distance.
  • Gunu Vanu sees no clear path to the imperial supplies, and asks you thin the ranks of the soldiers even further. Slay three more imperial troops.
  • The encampment has been thrown into confusion after your relentless attacks. Report to Gunu Vanu and see if he has managed to steal anything.
  • Although you did exactly what Gunu Vanu asked, he was still unable to sneak into the camp and steal anything. He has asked you to slay even more imperial troops. Before long there will be none left in the whole camp.
  • You have provided the distraction that Gunu Vanu asked for─again─but are not sure if he was fast enough to sneak into the camp undetected. Speak with him and see if your slaughter provided a satisfactory distraction.
  • Gunu Vanu has managed to steal an object from the Garleans, but it is unclear exactly what it is yet. Whether or not it has any value is up to the judgment of the elder shaman. Speak to Aanu Vanu in Ok' Zundu.
  • Gunu Vanu presents his shiny metal object to Aanu Vanu, and you see that it is a massive metal claw from the Garlean encampment. Aanu Vanu says it must be a fallen feather from a massive skyborne beast from Zundu legend, and judges that Gunu Vanu's rite of passage is complete. He bestows upon him the title of “Gunu Vanu, Bringer of Shade” for offering such an important piece of Zundu lore. Gunu Vanu wells with pride at his new title, but is eager to rest after his long and tiring journey, and leaves to find shade. Aanu Vanu asks you to find Guna Vanu and tell him of his brother's success.
  • Guna Vanu is overjoyed that his brother has succeeded in the trial, relieved that his brother has finally grown up in the eyes of the tribe. Guna Vanu hopes that with time, his brother's actions will come to resemble that of a functional member of Ok' Zundu society.
Second objective has a typo, as you need to speak to Gunu Vanu instead.
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