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The Bozja Incident

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 80   The Bozja Incident

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
This quest requires you to fight enemies in the open world.
Ironworks Engineer: Rhalgr's Reach - Rhalgr's Reach Aetheryte Plaza (x:11.8, y:11.9)

Ironworks Engineer (Starfall): Rhalgr's Reach - Starfall (x:11.8, y:11.9) Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Rhalgr's Reach → Western Rhalgr's Reach

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png80Path to the PastFeaturequest1 Icon.png Path to the Past (Level 80)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 80)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

026002.png Cidception
Miscellaneous Reward
Map33 Icon.png
Unlocks Gangos Aetheryte
Edit The Bozja Incident's Miscellaneous Reward
Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
The Ironworks engineer is confused as to why you are still here and not at the Doman Enclave.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png80Fire in the ForgeFeaturequest1 Icon.png Fire in the Forge (Level 80)
071341.png80Where Eagles NestFeaturequest1 Icon.png Where Eagles Nest (Level 80)

  • The Ironworks engineer is confused as to why you are still here and not at the Doman Enclave.
  • You begin to strike up another conversation with Lilja who, perhaps fearing the ire of her superiors, quickly directs you to the Doman Enclave. Rather than engage her with more friendly banter, you set your sights on the enclave to meet with Cid.
  • You arrive at the Doman Enclave to find Cid preoccupied with the calm and quiet of the settlement, but his stern expression makes clear he understands why he has come. Though apprehensive of what awaits him at Gangos, Cid reaffirms his commitment to helping the Bozjan Resistance. Together you board the airship which bears the two of you to Gangos.
  • Together with Mikoto you delve into Cid's memories of Bozja Citadel. An arduous journey through his mind eventually leads you to a massive transmission tower, wherein you confront a manifestation of Cid's trauma in the form of Lord Varis.
  • The phantom of Cid's past is laid low, but something about this glimpse into the past still appears amiss. Realizing Lord Varis had no reason to be present at the citadel, he strains to remember who was the source of this anguished memory. In an instant his mind becomes clear, and the visage of Lord Varis is replaced by the man who shot him so many years ago─his own father, Midas nan Garlond. What's more, a closer inspection reveals he is in fact a thrall of the dreadwyrm Bahamut. With the mystery of Cid's past brought to light, you return to the waking world with the inscriptions of the blades of Gunnhildr, as well as an onerous truth.
  • Gerolt has begun work on reforging the blades of Gunnhildr, bringing the people of Bozja one step closer to reclaiming their homeland. There is much to do in preparation for their encounter with the Empire, and Marsak bids you speak with Gerolt to learn what part you yet have to play.

The chief said he'd be meeting you at the Doman Enclave, didn't he? Well, best not keep him waiting.
As much as I enjoy your company, I understand duty calls. Hopefully we'll have the chance to talk another time.
Master Garlond? Yes, I've seen him restlessly pacing about the enclave. If you wait here, I'm sure he'll come by before long.
It's hard to believe this place was, until recently, occupied by the Garleans. Doma has a long way to go before it regains its former glory, but they're off to a good start.

So I've heard. If the Bozjans wish to follow the Domans' lead, I plan to do what I can to help them.

In fact, I've already spoken to Lord Hien and agreed to divert part of the Ironworks' resources to assist in Doma's reconstruction.

The offer seemed to have taken him by surprise, but I assured him that in addition to the Ironworks' commitment to freedom through technology, I have my own reasons to reverse the destruction wrought by the Empire.

While it's true that I eventually defected, I played no small part in the development of magitek now used by their military.

<sigh> Sometimes it's the threads you can't see that have the strongest ties. Would that I could cut them.
What will you say?
And how did Lord Hien take your response? The Empire's sins aren't yours to bear.
Our talks were focused mainly on the reconstruction, as we thought it best to wait for your arrival to discuss how I might help the Bozjans.
Even so, not a day goes by that I don't think about the part I played in the atrocities they committed.
<sigh> If I could have made my father see reason, there would have been no Bozja incident.

...But I was powerless to stop him.

Yes, you're right. There's a time for wallowing in self-pity and a time for action. I plan to do whatever I can for the Bozjan resistance, but they're up against the IVth Legion...

If they're to stand a chance, their allies here in the East won't be enough. They're going to need all the help they can muster.

I'm not entirely sure what part I'll have to play in all this, and I doubt anything I do now will be enough to atone for my past mistakes.

But if it means throwing a spanner in the Empire's works, then count me in.
He can fashion all manner o' magitek gadgets and whatnot, I'll give him that, but if it's a kettle yer after, that's where ol' Gerolt really shines.
I would be lying if I said I understand what it is you must do, but I will pray for your safety all the same.
We are quite fortunate that Mikoto was available to assist us. Never did I think she would devise such a unique solution to our problem.
I'm sure the two of you have much to discuss, so I will leave you to your work. Unless there is something else you wish to ask me?
Would that I could do more to assist you and Mikoto, but I know when I am out of my depth.
Proceed and speak with Mikoto?
Yes No
If you are ready, I would begin our exploration. Think back to your time at Bozja Citadel. You needn't focus on a specific memory, if that helps.
All right. Just promise me you'll be careful in there.
This is Bozja Citadel, alright. At least...I think it is. Was everything so distorted when you tested this before?
Your recollection of this place appears grossly incomplete. I can but assume your memory is being warped by your subconscious.
Well I'd rather not stand around laboring over details. Let's look for the transmission tower in the Principia. Anything of import would've been stored there.
Did you see that? A military base appeared out of thin air...Or out of my mind, I suppose.
(Did it appear because he mentioned the Principia, I wonder?)
What in the world? The road, it just...ends.
A consequence of your incomplete memories. You have to think back, Cid. Where did this road lead?
This all seems so absurd. Recalling the citadel shouldn't be so difficult.
What will you say?
Try recalling the cityscape. Do you remember where the imperial troops were heading?
I remember the blue of the cobblestone streets... If not for the occaisional military installation, it would've looked like any other city.
Wait, I remember!
Not specifically, no... But they were on edge. Something to do with the Academy's research.
You've done it, Cid! The road has returned.
We should be able to reach the Principia if we keep heading north.
Look! There's the transmission tower!
The sight of the Bozja incident...
Damn it all, the road is cut off again. Come on, Cid, you have to remember.
Sorry, Forename. Try as I might, my mind is drawing a blank. Maybe there's something around here that might jog my memory.
A psychological stimulus to prompt recollection... Yes, that just might work.
Let's us see what we can find.
Save for these weapons there's naught to be found here.
Perhaps these will serve to refresh his memory.
Weapons and magitek armor? Right. The fighting had already started, and I was... I was...
Well done, Cid. Let us press onward.
It's all starting to come back to me now.
The tension in the air is palpable.
Ah, right. The soldiers were on high alert that day.
The Bozjan resistance had infiltrated the citadel to stop the Academy's experiments.
Do you suppose it's possible we can tamper with this memory?
A curious question. One I believe worth investigating. Shall we?
I see...
The memory appears to be...mending itself? Interesting.
Altering memories is easier said than done, it seems. Well, let's keep going.
Here we are. The Principia. Inside is the transmission tower.
What in the seven hells are these?
Could they me a manifestation of your subconscious? If so, they likely seek to suppress your memories of the citadel.
Meaning they intend to purge us from your mind. We cannot let them!
Is there no end to them? We have to hold on, lest they succeed in erasing us from Cid's mind.
Curious that we could defeat these but not the soldiers earlier. Perhaps because they are not truly part of this memory?
We can worry about that later. Come on, we're nearly to the tower.
Just a little further...
Bahamut!? This has to be another attempt by your subconscious to stop us. Please, Cid, you have to pull yourself together.
Are we sure I'm not suffering from a sudden onset of psychosis?
We've no choice but to fight. Otherwise, his subconscious will continue to repress this memory.
Gah! I... I can't...move.
It seems to be having an adverse on Cid's psyche. Quickly, Forename, we have to stop it!
Careful. I like not the looks of this...

Oh no! Could his psyche be deteriorating? Forename, look out!

We have to hold on! For Cid!
Thank you. I...feel better, now.
Perhaps now your subconscious will be more forthcoming with the truth in this memory.
Is that...Cid? Do you recall this happening?
Father was so angry that day...
Father, please! If you would just look over this data--
Enough, damn you! The next time you question me it shall be the last. Now leave!
You of all people should understand the risks. Why do you refuse to see reason?
It's rather unlike him to overlook data, no matter the source.
Look here. You--er, I mean... He left behind his research documentation.
You pick up the research documents and find page after page of meticulous calculations and observational data on Dalamud. Young Cid posits that the lesser moon may very well possess the ability to harness and manipulate solar power.
Moreover, the vast stores of energy it has amassed over the millennia, should they be unleashed, would far exceed any parameters the transmission tower may have been designed to withstand.
By the gods, this data... The Empire would invite a calamity.
So many sleepless nights spent on those damned papers. All for nothing...
If my suspicions are correct, then he was already... Ahem. Never mind, let us press on. The truth awaits us.
There they are! The replicas of Gunnhildr's blades!
Know your place, whelp. The Meteor project cannot─will not─be stopped. Certainly not by the likes of you.
No... No, this is wrong. Emperor Solus couldn't have been there.
No, please! Lord Varis... Nooo!
Cid! Cid, you mustn't forget─this is only a memory!
Cid Garlond, bringer of ruin. Herald of ash. Your father must be proud.

How does it feel to know such calamity follows in your wake? That your failings bring death to all you hold dear?

And now you would set this filth against me. Very well...

But one fate awaits those who oppose the will of the Empire.
This trauma is too much─he's lost control!
But this memory is false, Forename! Perhaps you can alter it with the Echo!
What will you do?
Think of your truest friends. Think of your strongest allies.
That was...always your greatest strength... Instilling in others the courage to rise up... The courage to fight for what's right.
The Meteor project cannot be stopped! I will not allow it!
Taste my steel!
Keep your distance!
Your struggles shall avail you not!
Careful of his blade!
I tire of these games!
You dare defy me!?
Forename. A little help, if you'd be so kind.
By thy leave!
Piteous worms! There will be naught left of you but ash!
Now! Drive him back!
Quickly! My barrier shan't hold long!
Minfillia... Give me strength!
I thought to offer you a quick, painless death. Alas...
You would dash yourself against my shield? Very well...
He would turn the very air against us. Have care, Forename!
I will mount your heads upon my wall!

All of our research, our planning... It cannot be for naught!

The Empire cannot...must...not...
This...isn't right, either. Emperor...Lord Varis... He wasn't there. The Academy was given full charge of the project.
Though these events are as you remember them, this is not the truth. Not entirely. Whoever this is, your mind has been trying to protect you from them.
Well if it isn't Varis, then who in the hells is it? What could I possibly have to hide from myself?
So it was you who pulled the trigger... Father.
Cid, look! His eyes! can't be.
If contact with Dalamud was able to stir Bahamut to consciousness, it stands to reason the dreadwyrm discovered a way to link to the tower and thereby enslave your father.

In which case, there was nothing that could be done for him. There is no arguing or reasoning with such individuals. There is only the will of the primal.

And if Bahamut was controlling your father at the time of the accident...
Then in all likelihood, it wasn't an accident.
And so the truth finally comes to light.
Bahamut's thrall, and no one was the wiser. Not even your own son...
Ye crazy bastards did it! Once Mikoto's described the inscriptions to me, I'll have those weapons forged in no time!
On behalf of the Bozjan resistance, you have my deepest thanks.
I'm just glad I could help.
Ever since that fateful day, the truth of what befell our loved ones had eluded us.
I held the Empire and your father responsible for their part in the tragedy, and for many years, that hatred was all that kept me going.
Indeed, I was blinded by that hatred. So much so that even you appeared to me as an enemy. I could not see the blood, sweat, and tears you have poured into bettering the lives of those seeking freedom from the Empire.

I could see only a Garlean. And for that, I am sorry.

If you can forgive me, let us be allies, united against a common foe.
Come now, I'm the one who should apologize to you. After all my father and the Empire did, even if not all of their own volition, their crimes will never be forgotten.

I'd hazard even victory over the Empire won't be enough to ease such pain. And even now that I know the truth behind the Bozja incident, all it's done is make me question the choices that led me here to this moment.

But regardless of the past, we have to keep pressing forward, one step at a time. For freedom.
Just as the heroes of eld would have done. We Bozjans grew up on such tales, of peerless warriors pure of heart and unwavering in their conviction. Yet here we are, so full of doubt and uncertainty. Will we ever earn our place in the pages of history?
Cheer up, Bajsaljen. If we live long enough, perhaps we'll be the ones to pen them.
You say the crystal focus is no longer responsive?
It would appear what stores of aether resided within it have been depleted. I did not expect our exploration of your mind to be such a taxing endeavor.
Once I identify its aetheric affinity, and a power source with a compliant energy frequency, I am confident its reserves can be replenished.
I thought perhaps the Alliance could use it to extract information from some of their less cooperative Garlean captives, but nothing's ever that easy, is it?
I'm afraid aetherology is beyond the scope of my expertise, so I'll leave the rest to you. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call for me.
Thank you for all your help, Master Cid.
Well, I'd better head back. I've a mountain of work waiting for me.
Er, before you go...


If you ever feel lost, can always talk to me...
Of course. If I run into any aether-related problems, you'll be the first to know.
Right! I, er... I really must get to work on the crystal focus!
Our people yet want for the courage to fight, and I am confident the blades of Gunnhildr will afford them just that.
There is still much we must do to prepare, but if there is aught else you wish to discuss...?
On behalf of the resistance, I thank you again for lending your strength to our cause. Reforging the blades of Gunnhildr is certain to stir the fire in our men's hearts.
When the battle begins in earnest, I should hope we can count on your continued assistance.
I told him I didn't need no assistant, but Marsak insisted. His name is, uh... Er... Well, he's standin' right there. Ask him yerself.
Forename Surname? I am Zlatan. It's an honor to meet you. I've not much experience with the forge, but it is my hope that I might improve working under Master Gerolt.
The first step in my training appears to be getting him to remember my name...
Forename! My, my, that I should find you here of all places. Though I suppose that's only right, considering I followed you. My well of inspiration has run dry, you see, and it is my hope that a change of scenery might offer the impetus my work requires.

And time and again you have proven a knack for finding fascinating locales, with equally fascinating stories unfolding soon thereafter.

When such a tantalizing tale finally does unfold, I should very much like to hear it.
I am afraid the crystal focus has fallen dormant.

It will take time, but I am confident its reserves of energy can be replenished.

You will be the first to know when the crystal focus is ready.

If there is nothing else, I will leave you to your duties.
Everything is at last in place to begin work on the weapons of Queen Gunnhildr's guard. Master Gerolt will be able to apprise you of any further progress in their forging.
In the meantime, we will begin preparations for battle. I look forward to seeing you on the front lines.
Our spies at the Gangos encampment have confirmed work on the blades of Gunnhildr is underway.
Hmph. They are welcome to them. Who has need of such trinkets when the lady of blades will soon be in play?
We will proceed as planned. When their forces reach Bozja, you know what must be done.
The Empire is fated to fall. But in its place a new nation shall rise, grander and mightier than anything the Garleans could ever have dreamed.
And it shall be made possible by the very power they abhor.
There is still much to do before we can make our next move, and I am sure other duties yet demand your attention.
If there is nothing else you wish to discuss, I will not keep you.
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After talking to Mikoto, various cutscenes and fights will follow, lasting approximately 45 minutes total.

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