The Crystarium's Resolve

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 72   The Crystarium's Resolve
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png540,000 Gil Icon.png988
Guaranteed Rewards
Deepgold Head Gear Coffer Icon.png 
Informationicon.png Description
The Exarch is eager to delve into the details of his proposal.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Crystal Exarch
The Crystarium -The Trivium -The Whispering Gallery (9.9-7.0)
Type: Main Scenario
Unlocks: Logistics of WarMainquest1 Icon.png
The Crystalline Mean (Quest)Sidequest1 Icon.png
Quest: Mainquest1 Icon.pngAn Unwelcome Guest
Required Items
Prince's Kiss Icon.png
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:The Crystarium's Resolve
NPCs Involved: GlynardBragiKatlissMorenCassardLynaAlphinaudAlisaieChessamileSzem Djenmai
Items Involved: Prince's Kiss
NPC Locations
Crystal Exarch in The Crystarium at (9.9-7.1)
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Alphinaud in The Crystarium at (9.9-7.1)
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Alisaie in The Crystarium at (9.9-7)
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Lyna in The Crystarium at (10-7)
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Katliss in The Crystarium at (11.1-8.5)
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Chessamile in The Crystarium at (10.6-10.2)
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Szem Djenmai in The Crystarium at (8.5-9.8)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png Szem Djenmai in The Crystarium at (8.5-9.8)
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Let us hear what the Exarch has to say.
Entrust Minfilia's rescue to the people of the Crystarium? All right, then...
Many here have a place in their heart for Minfilia. We must ensure this mission succeeds─for all of their sakes.
Though our hosts have offered to take the lead, we still have a part to play. Let's see that we play it well.
The people of the Crystarium have initiative. I respect that.
So, you will be joining the guard. But however highly the Exarch thinks of you, you will receive no special treatment from me. Is that clear?
Where's your salute, soldier!?
Better. More spirited than the Exarch's feeble attempts, certainly.
Now, first things first: you will need uniforms.
Go to the Crystalline Mean and report to Katliss. She will see you measured and fitted.
I don't see a uniform. Report to Katliss. She will see you measured and fitted.
Ah, and there's the last of them! Your friends are being measured as we speak.
Right this way. We'll see to it you look your dashing best for your first outing!
Done, are you? Let's have a look at those numbers.
I see... Hmmm...
How goes it?
Sorry, Captain─I'm afraid we don't have anything on hand that's a ready fit.
But we do have a few that are fairly close. We should be able to make them work with some minor adjustments.
Very well, then. See to it. And have the uniforms delivered directly to the field.
I shall take this opportunity to brief you on the mission.
As mentioned earlier, we will deploy amaro to scatter dream powder from the air.
Once the powder takes effect, an elite unit will storm the fortress to rescue the Oracle. Her safe liberation is our sole objective; engagement is to be avoided wherever possible.
I assume we're to be part of said unit?
The unit will be divided into two contingents, one deploying from Fort Jobb and the other from the Ostall Imperative. You and Alphinaud will join the former.
Forename, meanwhile, will join the latter with me.
Before you proceed to your positions, you are to report to Chessamile at Spagyrics.
She will issue you with a serum to ward off the effects of dream powder.
We shall be on our way, then. Take care, my friend, and we will see you in the field.
It's quite far to the Imperative, so you may make use of an amaro from the rookery. After you have collected the serum, of course.
Yes, sweetie? Is there something you need? ...Oh, one of the guard come for your dram, are you?
Here you go. A dose of this will keep you firmly in the waking world while your enemies are off in dreamland.
Now, if this is your first time, I should warn you: it's bitter as sin. Prince's kiss, they call it, but if you ask me, it should be crone's kiss! Hee hee!
Jests aside, the stuff really is foul. Most people gag like there's no tomorrow─but if you don't drain every last drop, you're liable to end up taking a trip to dreamland yourself. So I must ask you to drink it here and now, while I watch. Come on! Give the old crone a kiss, hee hee!
What are you waiting for, sweetie? Go on and give the old crone a kiss, hee hee!
Well done, sweetie! I'm proud of you! Why, if I didn't know any better, I'd even say you enjoyed it! And now you needn't fear falling asleep on the battlefield. Just have care you don't lose any limbs out there, all right? They don't tend to grow back.
Oh? You liked the taste so much, you want some more, is that it? Hee hee, you are a strange one! But as happy as I'd be to oblige, I'm afraid I must save some for the others. Run along now and see to the rest of your preparations!
Yes? What do you require of me?
An amaro to take you to the Imperative, eh?
As much as I would like to oblige, all our mounts are reserved for the coming operation. I fear you will have to go by foot.
Hmmm, but wait. There might be another way, assuming you are willing to lend a hand.
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