The Feast (8 on 8 - Matched Party)

The content on this page has been removed from the game as of the Stormblood expansion and thus can not be played or completed in the current version.
Icon.pngThe Feast (8 on 8 - Matched Party)
The Feast.png
The table is set, and the wolves gather for the Feast! Will you gorge on the flesh of your foes, or find yourself served on a platter? Only the most savage of beasts are invited to this banquet─you'll need fangs of steel and an endless thirst for blood! Wait not for the tolling of the culling bell! Devour your rivals, take their hides for trophies, and build a hunter's throne from their bones!


Time Limit: 8m
Restriction: Cannot Add Members
Consumable Items Not Allowed
Meal Effects Removed Upon Entry
One to 2 players (2 Tanks, 2 Healers, 2 melee DPS, 2 ranged DPS)
Undersized Parties Not Allowed
Class: Disciples of War or Magic (Excluding Limited Jobs)
Level: 60
Average Item Level: 150
Item Level Sync: 150
  • While synced, all item stats are adjusted.
During PvP, materia bonuses are also ignored.
Additional Loot Rules Unavailable
Minimum IL Unavailable

Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
2 2 2 Melee
2 Ranged
Zone: The Feast (Large Arena)
Region: La Noscea
Minimum Level: 60
Synced iLevel: 150
Unlock Quest: A Pup No Longer
Weather: Clear, Rainy
Patch: Patch 3.21
PvP Rewards
Experience PvP EXP Wolf Marks
Expicon.png0 PvP EXP.png300 Wolf Mark Icon.png500
Expicon.png0 PvP EXP.png150 Wolf Mark Icon.png250


Collect 1100 medals
Have the most medals after 8 minutes.


The Feast 8-on-8 is a special, larger arena for Full Party PvP battles. It is a full-on team deathmatch, with the focus being entirely on player combat. The table is set- Will you be dining or will you be dinner?


Main Objective

Each player is placed on one of two teams: The Claws or the Fangs. The goal in The Feast is to be the first team to accumulate 1100 medals, OR be the team with the most when the duty timer runs out. 100 medals are distributed to each player at the start of the match, and are gained and lost by defeating other players. Being KO'd will cause that player to drop half their medals on the ground, at which point a member of the opposing team can pick them up. If they do not do so quickly, however, the medals will be returned to their previous owner.

There is a time limit of 8 minutes for each match.


Medals owned by a player are indicated visually by an icon indicating approximately how many they are carrying. When a player is defeated, similar symbols will appear at their location to indicate how many medals the pile is worth. It is recommended to focus on players who hold more medals- Since you drop half your medals on defeat, taking down the same person repeatedly will yield fewer and fewer medals.

Additionally, players in possession of a large number of medals will receive stacks of a debuff called Heavy Medal, which increases damage taken by a flat % per stack. The more medals a player possesses, the greater the number of stacks.

Medals Held Stacks Damage Taken Increase
150 1 12%
170 2 24%
190 3 36%
200 4 48%
210 5 60%
220 6 60%
225 7 84%
230 8 96%
240 9 108%
250 10 120%

Supply Boxes

To aid you in completing your main task, there are supply boxes, which can be broken to obtain buffs. There are four types of supply boxes:

Defensive Supplies - Reduces damage taken. Located to the left of each team's spawn area. Offensive Supplies - Increases damage dealt Located to the right of each team's spawn area. Medical Supplies - Restores HP (8 on 8 arena only). Located on the each side of the arena's lower level. Adrenaline - Partially fills Adrenaline Gauge. Located in the center of the arena.

Only members of the team that did the most damage to the supply box can claim the buff. Other than the adrenaline box, the supply boxes respawn some time after being destroyed. The Adrenaline box respawns more quickly.

  • As of Patch 3.25, the supply boxes spawn more frequently and the Adrenaline box has reduced HP.

Culling Time

If neither team is able to KO an opponent within one minute, the weather will change, and Culling Time will begin. While Culling Time is in effect, All players will gradually receive stacks of Marked for Culling, which will increase damage taken. Stacks accrue every 30 seconds to a maximum of 5 (+50% damage taken). Culling Time and its associated weather will only end once a player has been KO'd- The effect will wear off 10 seconds after the KO.


As with Seal Rock (Seize) and Carteneau Flats (Slaughter), the Adrenaline gauge replaces the limit break gauge in The Feast. It will slowly fill up over time and by healing players at critical HP, and can also be filled by collecting the buff from an Adrenaline supply box. Adrenaline acts as a personal limit break- each player has their own gauge, it is not party wide. Adrenaline is used by activating the Limit Break ability, and performs a personal version of your job role's limit break.


At the end of each match, all team members will receive 300 Wolf Marks for a win and 150 Wolf Marks for a loss. Wolf marks can be exchanged at the Wolves' Den Pier for equipment and other rewards.

All participants also receive 20 of the current "low-end" Tomestone and 10 of the "high-end" Tomestones. (See the top of the page for their exact names)

Finally, a Gloria Ignition Key is available as reward for earning the You Are What You Eat IV achievement (200 wins in The Feast). This item grants the Gloria-class Airship mount.


Frontline follows most of the general PvP rules as outlined in Category:Player Versus Player, with the following additions and exceptions:

  • Due to the Item Level Sync imposed on the area, bonuses from Materia are not functional on the Frontline. Morale *does* apply, if the gear's item level is below the ilvl 150 cap for Seal Rock (e.g. ilvl80 PvP equipment becomes ilvl 150 in Frontline; however ilvl 90 and higher PvP gear's effective ilvl is increased by the amount of Morale on the item)
  • Food effects and other consumable buffs can not be used in The Feast. If the player has any such effects, they will be removed upon entry.
  • Like in The Fold, mounts can not be used in The Feast.
  • The Limit Break gauge is replaced by Adrenaline for each player. Normal limit breaks are not possible in this mode.
  • Unlike The Fold you are able to Return when incapacitated- This occurs automatically after 3 seconds. If raise is cast, the player will auto-raise after 3 seconds if they don't accept or cancel it. The time to respawn does not increase with each KO.
  • Say, Shout, and Yell can be used within the area, however they will only be heard by members of your team. Alliance chat can also be used if there are more than 8 players on each team. Linkshell, Novice Network and Free Company messages can be seen, but not replied to during the match.