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The Great Hunt

Trialicon.pngThe Great Hunt
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The Great Hunt.png
The Hunt has always been simple business. Snatch a bill from the board, seek out your quarry, and claim your bounty. A peculiar posting in Kugane, however, has complicated matters. What began as a simple hunt in the Azim Steppe has quickly escalated into a harrowing undertaking, with a strange new Felyne companion, and even stranger prey─Rathalos, king of the skies. With mega potion in hand, you venture into the mountains. But do you have what it takes to stand against his fiery fury?


One to 8 players
Class: Disciples of War or Magic
Level: 70

Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
Type: Trial
Zone: The Azim Steppe
Region: The Azim Steppe (Region)
Minimum Level: 70
Synced Level: 70
Min iLvl: 320
Unlock Quest: The New King on the Block
Duty Finder: Trials: Stormblood
Duty Roulette: Trials
Expansion: Stormblood
Patch: Patch 4.36
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png

(Direct Drop)
Rathalos Scale Icon.png

Drop Table (1)
Item Type iLvl Requirements Stats
 Rathalos Scale Icon.png  
Rathalos Scale
Gold chest icon.png
 Bone  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001
Req. Level 1
“Rathalos material. Mostly obtained by carving. Broadly used for many purposes.” - Words from a terse veteran tracker of beasts, as recorded in Wisdom of the Hunters.

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