The Greatest Story Never Told

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 1   The Greatest Story Never Told
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Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Gil Icon.png10
Achievement Rewarded
026002.png The Rest of the Story
Informationicon.png Description
The realm of Eorzea is filled with countless mysteries, but there is only one which Valiant Hart wishes to solve.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Solve the explorer's riddle.
  • Speak with Valiant Hart.
  • Solve the explorer's riddle.
  • Speak with Valiant Hart.
  • Solve the explorer's riddle.
  • Speak with Valiant Hart.
  • Solve the explorer's riddle.
  • Speak with Valiant Hart.
  • Claim the treasure of Lalafuto III.
Issuing NPC: Valiant Hart
Western Thanalan -The Footfalls  (18-17)
Type: Sidequest
Quest: Mainquest1 Icon.pngThe Ultimate Weapon
Required Items
Winebaud's Travel Log Icon.png
NPCs Involved: Valiant HartNovice Explorer??? (The Greatest Story Never Told Riddle 2)??? (The Greatest Story Never Told Riddle 3)??? (The Greatest Story Never Told Riddle 5)SeserogaMemenuguJahelleIsoudaYayarokuParsemontretSwozblaet
Items Involved: Winebaud's Travel Log
NPC Locations
Valiant Hart in Western Thanalan at (18.3-17.5)
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Novice Explorer in Lower La Noscea at (23.4-28.7)
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Novice Explorer in Eastern Thanalan at (26.4-16.1)
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Novice Explorer in North Shroud at (15.6-25.4)
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Yayaroku in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald at (7-12.7)
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Jahelle in North Shroud at (22-26.6)
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Memenugu in Central Thanalan at (21.1-25.2)
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Seseroga in Merchant Strip at (14-10.4)
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Parsemontret in Old Gridania at (14.7-9.4)
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Swozblaet in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks at (8.4-11.6)
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  • Valiant Hart has asked you to help him locate the secret treasure of Lalafuto III, who ruled the nation of Belah'dia over seven hundred years ago. To that end, you must solve a riddle hidden in an encoded message, which was written by the famed explorer Winebaud. Valiant Hart also makes mention of a man named Yayaroku, who may be able to offer assistance.
  • Your investigation leads you to a disciple of Winebaud, who entrusts you with the journal of his deceased master. Return to the statue of the Silent King and share your findings with Valiant Hart.
  • In your absence, Valiant Hart has made further progress in deciphering the encoded message. However, his efforts have yielded yet another riddle, one which you must solve if you wish to locate the treasure you seek.
  • Through methods mysterious and unknown, you receive a message from the late Winebaud. He praises your efforts to seek out the truth and shares with you a verse of poetry for reasons unknown. Valiant Hart will doubtless wish to hear of these developments.
  • Valiant Hart is pleased with your progress, but disappointed that Winebaud did not provide any clues as to the whereabouts of Lalafuto III's secret treasure. Having no other leads, he bids you solve the latest riddle he has deciphered.
  • Once again, the late Winebaud imparts to you a verse of poetry as a reward, albeit one of questionable value. Report your success to Valiant Hart at the statue of the Silent King.
  • Valiant Hart is bemused by the increasing complexity of Winebaud's riddles, as well as his penchant for rewarding you with poetic verses. Brushing aside that curiosity for the time being, he directs you to his most recent translation, which contains yet another riddle.
  • Your jewelry triggers an enchantment woven into Winebaud's engravings, allowing you to receive another message from the late explorer. To your chagrin, it contains little more than another verse of poetry. Valiant Hart does not appear to have seen the message, so perhaps you should tell him what you witnessed.
  • Bemoaning Winebaud's refusal to offer clear and concise directions, Valiant Hart tells you he has finished deciphering the encoded message. However, unlike previous sections, this one does not appear to contain a riddle. But where is the treasure of Lalafuto III, and what must be done to claim it?
  • With the aid of your copper gorget, you lay claim to the secret treasure purported to be worth one hundred million gil. Valiant Hart snatches it from your hand, his eyes wild with greed, but his expression soon changes to one of disbelief. The “treasure” Winebaud spoke of was a collection of love poems written by Lalafuto III to his paramour, with whom the sultan wished to elope. His quest for phenomenal wealth having ended in utter failure, Valiant Hart cries out to the heavens in rage, cursing the explorer who valued true love above all else.

Riddle #1

You are shown one of three sets of jumbled letter groups, followed by a common list of elements and a common short message. For example:

REN / FLO / SPI / TEL / 'S / RE
The wheel must turn anew.

Yayaroku's Hint
Contains Spoilers for Riddle1.0  
You wish to speak of ancient Belah'dia? It would be my pleasure to converse with a fellow student of history. I─ Wait, this isn't about Winebaud's message, is it?

Then you must be another wide-eyed treasure hunter searching for the lost treasure of Lalafuto III. Winebaud was a skilled storyteller, and you would be forgiven for thinking his tales were all true. Even now, I cannot say if he was lying to us or himself.

Hm? You say you deciphered his message? Very well, let us hear it.

“Fire, lightning, water, earth, ice, wind. The wheel must turn anew.” The six elements...but the order is wrong.

“The spark of Lightning ignites when it strikes, and thus Fire is born. The heat of Fire renders to ash all that it touches, and thus Earth is born. The density of Earth shuns sun and harbors cold, and thus Ice is born. The armor of Ice melts away, and thus Water is born. The moistness of Water mists and rises, and thus Wind is born. The gusts and sighs of Wind gather the clouds, and thus Lightning is born.”

A passage from Essences & Permutations, in case you were unaware. Anyway, I have no idea what Winebaud meant to say.

General Solution
Contains Spoilers for Riddle1.1  
Rearrange the letter groups based on the order of the elements in Yayaroku's text:
Lightning -> Fire -> -> Earth -> Ice -> Water -> Wind
Riddle HO / OSC / BRA / N's / EM / CE
Contains Spoilers for Riddle1.2  
Oschon's Embrace
AL / TH / SPI / 'S / RE / TE
Contains Spoilers for Riddle1.3  
Thal's Respite
REN / FLO / SPI / TEL / 'S / RE
Contains Spoilers for Riddle1.4  
Florentel's Spire
How to Advance
Contains Spoilers for Riddle1.5  
Go to the location specified by the answer, then find and speak with a Novice Explorer

Riddle #2

You will receive one of nine a seemingly random strings of nonsense letters or numbers, with a reference to one of three NPCs who will give you a hint. Only the NPC referenced will assist with your riddle.

NPC Hint
Contains Spoilers for Riddle2.0  

Isouda: I know “the truth?” That does not sound like something the Winebaud I knew would write.

He was cantankerous and contrary to a fault. No matter the subject, he would, without fail, hold the exact opposite opinion. Whenever I pointed this out, he would offer the same insufferable retort:

“The opposite of nonsense is sense.” I have never been a violent person, but that old man nearly made me one.

Memenugu: ...So if I understand you correctly, a riddle on a statue said I know “the steps”? A riddle written by Winebaud? I'm sorry, but I haven't the foggiest what that could mean.

I swear, famed explorer or not, that old man was a bloody fool when it came to combat. This “step” nonsense reminds me of the time he tried to critique the form of my Elezen associate.

"Two steps forward, one step back. Over and over again, until the end.” Gods, he said it so many times it's been stuck in my head ever since!

Jahelle: Hah! Winebaud carved a riddle on a statue...and included my name along with it? I ought to be flattered, but I'm just confused.

This “sums” nonsense reminds me of all the times he argued with me over his bill. Time and time again I would have to show him the calculations, and when I was finished, he would always apologize in the same queer way:

“I learned the letters of mathematics, but alas, not the grammar.” I don't know why; a simple sorry would have sufficed.

General Solution
Contains Spoilers for Riddle2.1  

The letters are backwards.

The first two letters get increased by one (i.e. A->B) and the third letter gets decreased by one (i.e. B->A). Repeat to solve.

Each two digit group corresponds to its letter in the alphabet (i.e. 01->A, 02->B).

Contains Spoilers for Riddle2.2  
White Wolf Gate
Contains Spoilers for Riddle2.3  
The Hall of Flames
Contains Spoilers for Riddle2.4  
Eshtaime's Aesthetics
Contains Spoilers for Riddle2.5  
Home of the Coeurlclaw
Contains Spoilers for Riddle2.6  
Hollowed Heavenspillar Bridge
Contains Spoilers for Riddle2.7  
Bronze Lake Hot Springs
08051212190218151504 0815120519
Contains Spoilers for Riddle2.8  
Hellsbrood Holes
180504 130114200919 0601121219
Contains Spoilers for Riddle2.9  
Red Mantis Falls
260516082518 0418090620
Contains Spoilers for Riddle2.10  
Zephyr Drift
How to Advance
Contains Spoilers for Riddle2.11  
Go to the location specified by the answer, then find and interact with a ???

Riddle #3

You will receive one of nine phrases with seemingly random letters in capital and a message that "The members of the Marauders' Guild understand the importance of etiquette."

Marauders' Book Hint
Contains Spoilers for Riddle3.0  
A treatise on cultivating interpersonal relationships and influencing others catches your eye. You open it to the bookmarked page and take note of an underlined passage:

A deliberate display of emotion, as befits the situation, can be effective in deepening your relationships with others.

General Solution
Contains Spoilers for Riddle3.1  
The overall phrase is a hint to a location (there will be a ???) at which you must perform the emote that is an anagram of the capital letters within the phrase.
Riddle All foR fen-YLL
Contains Spoilers for Riddle3.2  
use /rally underneath the Leatherworkers' Guild
HylLfyr's cUtthroAts and briGands
Contains Spoilers for Riddle3.3  
use /laugh on The Astalicia
PulPy, NuTritiOus, And decIDedly DElicious cItruS
Contains Spoilers for Riddle3.4  
use /disappointed outside Tiller's Rest
rope ANd wooD aCross thE gully
Contains Spoilers for Riddle3.5  
use /dance at a bridge south of Wineport
Under tRanqUilIty's FoOtpathS
Contains Spoilers for Riddle3.6  
use /furious under Camp Tranquil
sappHires and peaRls, fortUnes Great and Small
Contains Spoilers for Riddle3.7  
use /shrug at Pearl Lane in Uldah
cOncealed belah'dian maJestY
Contains Spoilers for Riddle3.8  
use /joy at The Invisible City
red ligHt amidst the blUe Haze
Contains Spoilers for Riddle3.9  
use /huh in Bluefog
CherIsh the sPinniNg wAter lullaby
Contains Spoilers for Riddle3.10  
use /panic at Hyrstmill
How to Advance
Contains Spoilers for Riddle3.11  
Go to the location indicated by the phrase, then find the ??? and use the emote. If necessary, interact with the ???.

Riddle #4

You will be given the following phrase: If SWORD+SWORD=DAGGER, then return to me with X of Y, where X and Y are different letters, and a reference to the "master of the markets".

Master of the Markets' Hint
Contains Spoilers for Riddle4.0  

Seseroga: The adventurer returns, asking after a...Winebaud? Yes, I remember now. He requested my assistance in locating a number of items many years ago.

However, his list lacked sufficient information, and I was unable to proceed. Fortunately for you, I am loath to dispose of any documents related to business. Now where did I...? Ah, here we are.

1 = Pearl 2 = Fluorite 3 = Malachite 4 = Choker 5 = Sunstone 6 = Earrings 7 = Ring 8 = Bracelet

To be fair, it matters not if it were more detailed. A dead man cannot pay a finder's fee, after all.

Parsemontret: You are come to ask another favor, sans eel pie? Hmph! Very well, out with it.

...The deceased explorer? We met years ago, as I recall. He wished to procure a number of items, though his list was lacking in details. There should still be a record...

1 = Pearl 2 = Fluorite 3 = Malachite 4 = Choker 5 = Sunstone 6 = Earrings 7 = Ring 8 = Bracelet

Useless, as you can see. He never returned, so I could not ask for clarification.

Swozblaet: A fine evening to you, madam! Hm? Winebaud's list? Pray let me think a moment...

It has been several years, unless I have been mistaken, but there was a man by that name who begged assistance in procuring some supplies. With luck, his list may still be... Ah hah!

1 = Pearl 2 = Fluorite 3 = Malachite 4 = Choker 5 = Sunstone 6 = Earrings 7 = Ring 8 = Bracelet

Rather vague, to say the least. I would have requested more information, but I haven't seen him since that day.

General Solution
Contains Spoilers for Riddle4.1  
There are 8 distinct letters in the SWORD+SWORD=DAGGER equation (S / W / O / R / D / A / G / E), which each correspond to a number between 1 to 8. Thus, you are looking for a five-digit number, when added to itself, yields a six-digit number - but where the final equation uses each of the eight digits and where the overlapping numbers/letters (R & D) fit properly. The solution ends up being:

sword + sword = dagger
78321 + 78321 = 156642
Use the numbers to identify the proper jewelry item being requested, and then obtain that item and interact with the message while wearing the proper piece of jewelry to solve the riddle.

Riddle If SWORD+SWORD=DAGGER, then return to me with G of A.
Contains Spoilers for Riddle4.2  
Sunstone Earrings
If SWORD+SWORD=DAGGER, then return to me with W of A.
Contains Spoilers for Riddle4.3  
Sunstone Bracelet
If SWORD+SWORD=DAGGER, then return to me with S of A.
Contains Spoilers for Riddle4.4  
Sunstone Ring
If SWORD+SWORD=DAGGER, then return to me with G of O.
Contains Spoilers for Riddle4.5  
Malachite Earrings
If SWORD+SWORD=DAGGER, then return to me with W of O.
Contains Spoilers for Riddle4.6  
Malachite Bracelet
If SWORD+SWORD=DAGGER, then return to me with S of O.
Contains Spoilers for Riddle4.7  
Malachite Ring
If SWORD+SWORD=DAGGER, then return to me with G of R.
Contains Spoilers for Riddle4.8  
Fluorite Earrings
If SWORD+SWORD=DAGGER, then return to me with W of R.
Contains Spoilers for Riddle4.9  
Fluorite Bracelet
If SWORD+SWORD=DAGGER, then return to me with S of R.
Contains Spoilers for Riddle4.10  
Fluorite Ring
How to Advance
Contains Spoilers for Riddle4.11  
Equip the item indicated by the riddle, then interact with Winebaud's Message.

Riddle #5

You are given a poem which must simply be deciphered.

Valliant Heart's Hint
Contains Spoilers for Riddle5.0  
He mentioned the poet, so perhaps his verses contain a clue? I keep turning them over in my head, but to no avail...

Clandestine rendezvous leave me breathless and wanting
Obsession consumes me, a thirst for the taboo
Perchance we meet in public, be not a beguiler
Ply me not with honeyed words, and spare me glances alluring
Ere long this torment must end; together we must be
Renounce it all I would, but we must be more discreet

Let's just say that during my enlistment in the Flames, I picked up a few bad habits. Expensive habits.

Really, though, what does it matter? If we find it, we'll both be richer than Lord Lolorito!

General Solution
Contains Spoilers for Riddle5.1  
The first and last letters of each row revel the answer. Equip the item and interact with the glowing orb on the back of the statue to complete the quest.

Irrespective of the lives we lead, we are often defined by our beginnings and endings.
The poet understood this. So do I, and so must you.
Seeker of treasure and truth, I have given you the key.
The lock lies before you, behind my obfuscations.
It's a story, you see...
But not the one we were told.

Contains Spoilers for Riddle5.2  
Copper Gorget
How to Advance
Contains Spoilers for Riddle5.3  
Equip the item indicated by the riddle, then interact with the ??? behind the statue.
Pay attention to the clues given by the statue's scribbles, Valiant Hart and other NPCs and you can solve all of the riddles. See this link for more information, but only if you do not care about solving the riddles. Abandoning and restarting the quest will not give the player different riddles.
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