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The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damned Thing

Map65 Icon.png Lv. 80   The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damned Thing

Zone: The Tempest - The Norvrandt Slope - The Swallowed Spire (x: 27.2, y: 26.2)
Drawn by the scent of sanguine coral, Archaeotania finally shows itself. The time has come to end its reign of terror once and for all.
Experience Gil Bicolor Gemstone
Expicon.pngTBA Gil Icon.png158 Bicolor Gemstone Icon.png72
Conditional Reward
Archaeotania's Horn Icon.png x6 (Gold) Archaeotania's Horn Icon.png x4 (Gold, failure) 
Achievement Rewarded
002629.png Another World, Another Turn

World: The First
Landmass: Norvrandt (Landmass)
Region: Norvrandt
Zone: The Tempest
Area: The Norvrandt Slope
Landmark: The Swallowed Spire
Coordinates: x: 27.2, y: 26.2
Level: 80
Type: Notorious Monster
Required Status: Spawns after Nothing Like a Trappin' Life. Co-ordinates: x27.1, y26.5. Will not show up on the map.
Fate Chain: 7/7
Teushs Ooan

Those benthos got me... Losing too much blood...

There it is! Archaeotania!

I am afraid I will only get in your way...


Teushs Ooan

It's over...

We are saved! A thousand thousand blessings upon you!

You shall live on in Ondo legend for eternity!