The League of Lost Bastards

Organizations Icon.pngThe League of Lost Bastards
The League of Lost Bastards was a pirate crew formerly led by Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn prior to her ascension to the admiralcy. She took the position after she discovered her father, the previous captain Bloefhis Bloefhisyn, consorting with Sahagin and killed him on a deserted isle in accordance with pirate custom. After that, she led the crew across the Indigo Deep and to victory against an "invincible" fleet from beyond the Bloodbrine Sea. They were the first crew to chart a safe passage to the New World and, after Merlwyb's return from her voyage, were disbanded upon her victory in the Trident and ascension to admiralty.
Members: Bloefhis Bloefhisyn, Merlwyb
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