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The Life and Lies of Father Saturnois

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 60   The Life and Lies of Father Saturnois

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Briardien: The Pillars - The Architects (x:10.6, y:9.9)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Foundation → The Last Vigil

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071221.png60Letters from No OneSidequest1 Icon.png Letters from No One (Level 60)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 60)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Scholasticate Coat
026002.png Back to School III
Miscellaneous Reward
Unlocks ability to purchase Scholasticate Coat
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
A satisfied smirk steals across Briardien's face, as all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Archombadin.
  • Speak with the scholasticate deacon.
  • Speak with Theomocent in Saint Reymanaud's Cathedral.

  • A satisfied smirk steals across Briardien's face, as all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.
  • Briardien's astute deductions lead you to a clear, if startling, conclusion: that the perpetrator of these crimes has been in front of you this whole time. All clues point to Lebrassoir de Bonfaurt being the culprit, but without evidence to support your suspicions, there is no way to absolve Archombadin of his perceived guilt. When all seems lost, Theomocent steps forth with a plan as to how he might obtain a confession from your suspect. He asks that you accompany him to Dzemael Manor, where both Archombadin and his fast friend have taken shelter.
  • Thanks to Theomocent's ingenious ploy, you manage to trick Lebrassoir into confessing to his crimes. He proudly reveals that, spurred by long-held grievances against House Dzemael, he was the one who set in motion the turmoil that has taken hold of the scholasticate. Funneling a portion of the Dzemael heir's inheritance towards financing Ulaa's kidnapping, he then stirred up the rumors that Archombadin was to blame, and distributed the letters to strike the proverbial final blow. Though you may have finally ascertained the truth, the hour of the hearing which will determine Archombadin's fate is at hand, and Theomocent fears that events might take a further twist. Quickly make your way to the deacon's quarters with Lebrassoir in tow, that the truth might be presented before the council and Archombadin cleared of the false charges.
  • Soon after Lebrassoir confesses to his crimes before the deacon and Father Saturnois, Briardien bursts in with Temple Knight guards at either side. Pointing his finger at the scholasticate priest, he tells you that it was Saturnois who manipulated Lebrassoir into carrying out his schemes and that he is not the man he claims to be. Having suffered for years isolated from the outside world, and forced to work for Her Holy Body of Decency as a watchman consigned to monitor the expurgators─a terrible fate reserved solely for orphans who graduate from the scholasticate and enter the Holy See─he had intended to create a scandal so large, the outrage it would spark in the community would force the scholasticate into closure. He believed the establishment's demise would right some of the wrongs committed against him and others like him. While Archombadin's name has been cleared and it is clear he will not be expelled, Saturnois' revelation causes the deacon to question if the school itself should remain open. At the behest of the students, however, she instead holds a public hearing and divulges to the people of Ishgard the terrible tragedy suffered by both expurgator and watchman. Having turned over a new leaf by speaking the truth, the residents of the scholasticate are hopeful that it will rekindle the people's faith in their institution.
  • Briardien bids you thanks along with all the students of the scholasticate and tells you he will be swinging by Ul'dah to see someone special before moving on to solve his next mystery. While there is no doubt the students are sad to see the both of you go, they send you off with heartfelt good-byes and promise you that when you next return to Ishgard, they will have seen to it that the scholasticate has retaken its place as the nation's top establishment of higher learning.

Before we begin pursuing our man in earnest, answer me this: can any of you tell me where Ulaa's copy of volume eleven currently is?
The letters say it was found in Archombadin's room. Though, for all we know, that could be complete and utter bollocks...

Forename, I see you've managed to keep your word to Lebrassoir. Very good.

Allow me to enlighten the rest of you. The tome is currently in my possession. Lebrassoir discovered it in Archombadin's room and turned it over to us in secret for fear it would fuel the ongoing rumors.

Now knowing what you do, it is time to put your minds to the test. What do you surmise is the relationship between our talented writer friend and the thief that lifted the book from Ulaa's quarters?
Manual : Insert the correct Q & A's below into a table
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What will you say?

They are one and the same!

They must be accomplices!

They're not related in the slightest!


...A sensible deduction. The planting of the book in Archombadin's quarters and the subsequent distribution of these letters were both carried out to a common end: to implicate the prefect in Ulaa's abduction and force his expulsion. It would stand to reason that the perpetrators are either working in tandem or, in fact, are one and the same.

While that, in itself, does not reveal the identity of the culprit, it does lead us to our next question: who would have been able to enter and exit Ulaa's room unnoticed?

It seems you've missed the obvious. If you were to take a moment and work through the facts, you would have noticed the motivation behind the stolen book and letters is the same.

It would stand to reason that the perpetrators are either working in tandem or, in fact, are one and the same. Which leads us to our next question: who would have been able to enter and exit Ulaa's room unnoticed?

The perpetrator was able to move quickly and not draw attention to themselves in the act, leading me to believe our book-snatcher had easy access to all rooms within the dormitory. How, you might ask? Keys─something only three people currently possess: Father Saturnois and the prefects Archombadin and Lebrassoir.
So one of them is the culprit? But...which could it be?
Manual : Insert the correct Q & A's below into a table
then delete me
What will you say?

It must have been Archombadin!

It must have been Lebrassoir!

It couldn't be...
Aha! I knew it was him all along! That explains why he was so adamant in refusing our help!
But what sense is there in him stealing the book when the only thing it would serve to do is implicate him in a crime he may not have even committed?
Then that leaves Lebrassoir. But as Archombadin's closest friend, what possible motive could he have?
On the contrary, he is a prime suspect, as he is the only person besides Forename and the inspector here to have come in contact with the book. Of course, this is but speculation...
Lebrassoir, you say!? But he's Archombadin's closest confidant!
As he is the only person besides Forename and the inspector here to have come in contact with the book, I'd say he is a prime suspect. Of course, this is but speculation...
I know! It was Archombadin! Think about it─it explains why he was so adamant in refusing our help!
But what sense is there in him stealing the book when the only thing it would serve to do is implicate him in a crime he may not have even committed?
Then that leaves Lebrassoir. As the only other person aside from the inspector and Forename who came into contact with the book, I'd say he's a prime suspect.

It certainly is suspicious, but what motive could he possibly have? <sigh> If only there was a way we could glean the answer...

...Forename. I hear that you possess a great gift─one which you employed to reveal long-hidden truths about our nation. Might you not be able to use this power to shine some light on the matter at hand?

So it is not yours to control. <sigh> I guess that means we'll have need to rely on our own wits to obtain the answers we seek.

Fortunately, I have an idea of my own, but I'll need your help to see it through.
Well then, Theo, let us put this idea of yours into action. Last I heard Archombadin and Lebrassoir have taken refuge in Dzemael Manor. Let's make our way there posthaste.

I'll leave it to you to see that the bumblings of those three do not interfere with the final stage of my investigation at the Vault.

But do not tarry long. With Father Saturnois throwing his full support behind the petition, Archombadin has but a few bells before his name is permanently struck from the registry.

I shall do what I can to see that the proceedings are delayed, but I cannot guarantee it will buy us all the time we need. Godsspeed, Forename. I'll see you at the hearing.
Quest Accepted
I think I missed something. Who exactly are we going after?
I can see the connection, but how does this help us deduce the identity of the perpetrator?
Inspector Briardien truly is amazing! Why, he's cracked the case with little more than scattered scraps of evidence─literally!
Findings? Ha! As if anything you four managed to dig up can help me now. The hearing is about to begin─my fate is as good as sealed!
There's still time, Archombadin! Earlier you pledged your innocence to us. Let us pledge it once more─at the hearing, before one and all. The truth shall speak for itself!
The truth? You expect those fools to see the truth when this...this evidence to the contrary is staring them in the face! How do you think this plan your pea-sized minds have concocted will succeed where all Lebrassoir's best attempts have failed!?

We will succeed, Archombadin! For it is not just I that stands with you, but the hero who brought to light the truth behind our very nation! Yes, there is nothing that he has not seen.

Surely you understand the implications of this. Don't you...Lebrassoir?

Forename has the ability to peer into events of the past. Indeed, it was through his visions that Ishgard's true origins were brought to light. need say no more. He has already used his vaunted power to see that I was the one behind it all!

Yes, it was I that kidnapped Ulaa. It was I that snuck into her room and stole volume eleven. And it was I that distributed the letters─all so that I might implicate Archombadin.

How satisfying it is to finally be able to say it aloud! For so long I have had to plot my revenge in silence, and mask my hatred of you with hollow praise and bashful smiles.
Lebrassoir! Wh-What madness is this you speak!?

You truly are oblivious, aren't you? Then allow me to enlighten you! After all the transgressions your family has committed against mine, did you truly think I would remain loyal to you?

For centuries your house has humiliated us. It was something we'd come to accept, but when the wall between the nobility and the common class came tumbling down, we were met with the most harrowing truth of all: that all our suffering had been for naught!

Everything we grew up believing about our status was a fabrication, tall tales spun to keep us complacent. In reality, you're no better than the two Brume rats beside you! You never were! It was a terrible realization, but one that also gave me hope─hope that you could be taken down just as any other.

That's when I began plotting. Ulaa's abduction, the letters and the rumors they spurred─all was part of my master plan! To bring shame and dishonor on you and your family, as you have mine.

I have staked everything─yes, even my very freedom! But it was worth it to give you a taste of our pain! Bahahaha!

What's more, I bribed the two kidnappers into abducting Ulaa with money from your purse! And having entrusted the management of your finances to me, you never suspected a thing!
Lebrassoir. I can only imagine the pain you have endured, but to seek revenge in this way...! Nevertheless, I thank you for confessing to your crimes. Now we can absolve Archombadin of the false charges brought against him.
W-Wait a minute! You mean that he didn't actually see into the past!? Y-You deceived me!
If you'll recall, Theo never explicitly said that Forename had a vision of what happened to Ulaa. He merely observed that he possesses such an ability.
Truth be told, it is not even a power that can be controlled at will.
Now then, Archombadin, I suppose that's all the proof of innocence you'll need. Let's escort Lebrassoir to the hearing and have him repeat his most dramatic confession before the headmistress.

I never saw it... The hatred, I mean. H-How could I have been so blind? We've been friends from childhood, and never for a moment did I question his loyalty...

What a fool I was! However did I think I could stand at the forefront of our nation, when I was so oblivious to that which was happening under my very nose!?
Archombadin, pray do not torture yourself so. Rather, open your heart and allow Halone's wisdom to set you free. Once you come to see Lebrassoir not only as your friend but as your peer, I promise that the both of you will find a way to mend any bonds that have been broken.

“Of the Fury's love will all men receive, and by the balance of Her spear will all be set free...” You truly believe these words, don't you? You cling to them even when reality does all it can to prove you wrong. I suppose it is that unwavering faith that your friends find so...endearing.

Now then, it is time for me to put my own faith to the test, and face my fate head-on. May the Fury have mercy.
So what are we waiting around here for? We've a hearing to attend!

I'll meet you two there. There is something I must confirm with the inspector first.

Forename, I cannot shake the feeling that this affair runs far deeper than any of us could have imagined. If you would, please accompany Archombadin to his hearing and see to it that nothing goes awry in my absence.
As you can see, Archombadin and I are, ah...discussing important matters at the moment. If you have something to report, pray return later.
Looks like they're at it again... What are we to do...?
Again!? I wouldn't take this kind of treatment sitting down!
Whatever Theo's brilliant plan is, I certainly hope he took this into account.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

Forename, thank you for restoring peace to the scholasticate. You have reminded us that there is a world beyond these doors that relies as much upon us as we do them.

You have opened our eyes and shown us that destiny is but the choices we make. If we are strong and persevere, I have no doubt we can rebuild the scholasticate and regain the people's trust.
Forename, now that your work here is done, I suppose the time for farewells is upon us. Will you be departing Ishgard immediately? It's sad to say farewell, but let's send you and the inspector off in style!
Ah, there is my trusted associate. I feared I might not be able to bid you a proper farewell before I left. On behalf of my uncle, allow me to thank you for all your hard work.
There's still so much fighting and bickering going on, couldn't you stay with us for just a bit longer?
I fear that there are more pressing mysteries that demand my attention. Not to mention a certain young lady in Ul'dah who awaits my return.
Oho! Another client of yours, I take it?
Theo, is your head screwed on backwards!? He's talking about his─

Tactless fools, the both of you! But I suppose you're nothing if not, Theo?

And while I'll admit that naiveté is one of your more endearing traits, combined with the blunderings of the idiot beside you, it's like as not to bring the scholasticate to ruin. That's why you'll need someone with extensive knowledge of the affairs of Ishgard─and the proper connections to actually bring about the change you seek. Someone like me.
The words of a man looking to steal his way into our dear Theo's heart! Hahaha! Blaisie, Leigh, it seems you've got competition.
The Fury take you all! Call me what you will, but Theo would never replace me with anyone─much less a conniving snake like Archombadin!

Hahaha! How refreshing it is to hear such playful banter among my friends! It would seem our worries are finally behind us. Before we celebrate, however, there is one last thing. Blaisie, I'd like to thank you for your support. Were it not for your meticulous notes and sharp eyes, Ulaa would still be missing.

Forename, Inspector, words are not enough to express our gratitude. It was only because of you that we were able to unmask the perpetrator and restore peace to our school.

Just as Father Choisseau brought you to us in Gorgagne Mills, I cannot help but feel Halone guided you to us in our time of need. We hope to one day repay the kindness you have shown us by rebuilding the scholasticate.

When next you visit, we hope she will have retaken her place as the nation's top establishment of higher learning, and once again serve to light the people's way back to the Halls of Halone!
Our fair nation has seen her share of tragedy and turmoil, but I take heart in knowing that there are those such as yourself to watch over her, and see that she does not stray from her course. Till we meet again.
Quest Completed

Theo is a born detective! He told me that he went to speak with the inspector because he thought it suspicious that Father Saturnois was pushing so hard to have Archombadin expelled. Sure enough, it turned out that he was the one pulling the strings all along!

While I'm glad this ordeal is finally behind us, I cannot help but feel as though we lost one of our own. We share the same origins as Father Saturnois, and would have shared the same fate, had it not been for you...
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