The Machinists' Choice

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 60   The Machinists' Choice

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Stephanivien: Foundation - Skysteel Manufactory (x:8.2, y:10.2)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Foundation → Skysteel Manufactory

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png60Rise of the MachinistsFeaturequest1 Icon.png Rise of the Machinists (Level 60)
071201.png60The Far Edge of FateMainquest1 Icon.png The Far Edge of Fate (Level 60)

Machinist Icon 3.png Machinist (Level 60)

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Stephanivien appears delighted to see you.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png63The Hrunting HeistFeaturequest1 Icon.png The Hrunting Heist (Level 63)

  • Stephanivien appears delighted to see you.
  • Stephanivien welcomes your visit to the manufactory with the air of a man beset on all sides. He explains that Hilda has lodged a request for the city watch to be equipped and trained in machinist firearms, but the workshop, already buried in commissions, had no one to spare─that is, of course, until you arrived. Wasting no time in recruiting you to the role of instructor, the chief machinist shares his plans to also employ the services of the absent Rostnsthal. Join Stephanivien in Idyllshire, and aid in the search for the former master of marksmanship.
  • You arrive in Idyllshire to find Stephanivien enamored by the potential of so much goblin technology. The distracted machinist eventually focuses his mind on the task at hand, and bids you question the town's inhabitants for a hint as to Rostnsthal's whereabouts.
  • After making a few queries, you find yourself pointed in the direction of the Hard Place. Enter the establishment, and seek out Rostnsthal's table.
  • Stephanivien arrives at the Hard Place just as you locate Rostnsthal, and together you attempt to persuade the machinists' old instructor to accept a new position with the city watch. Not entirely convinced, Rostnsthal responds that he will make his decision after meeting with the “lass what leads the watch.” Return to Ishgard, and speak with Hilda in the Brume.
  • You and Rostnsthal meet with Hilda, and she explains that the watch is to be officially integrated into Ishgard's security forces. Not everyone in Ishgard is pleased with the decision, however, and Hilda has turned to the machinists to help her prove the watch's value beyond a shadow of a doubt. After accepting the challenge to drill the untrained watchmen of the Brume in firearms, Rostnsthal suggests forming a handpicked unit with which to impress and intimidate their detractors. It will be your job to assess the Hounds' progress after their initial training period is over...
※The next machinist quest will be available from Hilda upon reaching level 63.

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Forename! How fortuitous that you should choose this moment to visit. Pray forgive my abruptness, but are you acquainted with Ishgard's watch and the commoners who fill its ranks?

Truly? You've worked with Hilda before? Splendid, absolutely splendid. Let us then discuss the problem at hand.

Following our fair city's shift to a more egalitarian form of government, there has been talk of arming the city watch with machinist weapons and equipment─the very type of initiative for which I have long advocated. And as part of this plan, I have been asked to provide a competent instructor.

But as dearly as I wish to fulfill this request of Hilda's, I am afraid suitable candidates for the role are in woefully short supply.
Surely you've heard news of Ala Mhigo's liberation, yes? Well, the aftermath of that little conflict has seen the manufactory swamped with commissions for both materiel and marksmen, and I've not a single machinist to spare. I was even forced to relinquish Joye─my indispensable right-hand woman─to some far-flung deployment.

Surely you've heard news of the situation in Ala Mhigo, yes? Well, that little conflict has seen the manufactory swamped with commissions for both materiel and marksmen, and I've not a single machinist to spare. I was even forced to relinquish Joye─my indispensable right-hand woman─to some far-flung deployment.

And so, Forename, you must see why your presence here this day strikes me as something of a godssend. Who better to accept this position than our most accomplished machinist?

I understand, of course, that you have your own business to attend to, and can hardly spend every waking moment training the watch. Thus do I intend to share your duties with our old friend Rostnsthal!
Aside from his extensive knowledge of firearms, he was once the commodore of the Knights of the Barracuda─such experience should prove invaluable to the watch's leadership. He is the natural choice to serve as your partner in this enterprise.

From what I've been told, our former instructor was recently spotted arriving in Idyllshire. Pray come along, Forename, and lend me a hand in persuading the foul-mouthed brigand to return to Ishgard!

I wonder how Rostnsthal has been getting along. Mayhap he'll even be eager to accept our proposal...

Have you seen this place, Forename!? My prospectometer is simply overloaded by such potential! Why, the goblin technology amassed in the main square alone could keep me tinkering for days!
...Ahem, not that we'll be here nearly that long. Rostnsthal is a striking fellow─someone is bound to have noticed him. Shall we ask around?
My pardon, but have you perchance seen a large Roegadyn about? Abrasive chap. Fond of muskets and cursing.
Can I interest you in a guided tour of─ Oh, just a question? Aye, I've seen such a man. He was just walking down this street, as a matter of fact.
...Ah, big lad with an eyepatch, yes? I marked his passage as I would that of any dangerous beast. Stay your path, and you'll find him like as not.
...I've seen your man. Headed into the Hard Place, he was, all swarthy and mysterious-like. <sigh> Had half a mind to follow him in there...
Still looking for that friend of yours? For a mere thousand gil, I'd be happy to guide─ Fine, fine, you needn't scowl so.
Yes, yes, he passed this way. Though I fancy the one you hunt would make a fine hunter himself.
As I said, try the Hard Place─you'll find your man in there. ...Is he the type to drink alone, or do you think he likes company? Why do I ask? Oh, no reason...
Ah, I see you've kept one step ahead of me, Forename. At least this time around our dear instructor was not so damnably difficult to locate, eh?
I thought I 'eard me some familiar voices. Now what brings the two o' ye all the way out 'ere? Not just a yearnin' to glimpse this ugly mug again, that much is certain.
Astute as always, my friend. We have, in fact, come with an offer of employment...
Ye want me to teach trigger work again? Bugger that. Why don't ye 'ave Joye do it?
Joye is far too humble to fare well as an instructor, and is fully occupied by other manufactory business besides. You also have considerable experience with commanding a military company, if I am not mistaken.
Are ye bloody daft or did ye just forget? Me piss-poor leadership o' the 'Cudas is what ruined me reputation in the first place. D'ye honestly reckon a man like me is fit to take charge o' trainin' yer city watch?
What do you say?
Place an answer Here

! You're the best man for the job! ! Well, if you haven't the stones for it...

...Bloody 'ells, ye must be desperate if I'm the best ye've got. Well, scratch 'ard enough and it might be as there's some steel left under all this rust.
...Ye tryin' to tickle me pride, lad? Bah, ye seem damned determined to not let an ol' pirate sit an' rust in peace.
...Then, this means you accept!?
Trim yer sails there, boss. I'll make me final decision after I've 'ad a chat with this lass what leads the watch.
It seems we must arrange a meeting with Hilda. Would you mind handling the introductions?
My thanks! Now I really should be getting back to the workshop─I've a small mountain of munitions to make if I'm to honor all these commissions! Do the manufactory proud, my friends!
Ugh, an' just when I was gettin' bleedin' warm again. I'll see ye in Ishgard, Forename.
You know where to find Hilda, yes? I wish I could accompany you, but alas, duty chains me to my workbench...
Champion. While I am certain that your business is most pressing, I must ask that you allow me to first conduct mine.
You've picked a fine time to visit, and no mistake...
I'm afraid you'll have to wait your turn. Hilda's got her hands full with this one...
Are we clear, or must I repeat myself in simple terms? I expect very little from your lowborn riffraff. If you wish to serve Ishgard, then know your place...and keep well out of our way.
Bastard blue blood... He'd not wag his tongue like that if his boss was around!
And a fine day to you, Forename─a little bird told me you'd be on your way. The lads and lasses were well pleased to hear they'd be learnin' at the foot of Ishgard's savior.
And you must be Rostnsthal, eh? I'll warn you right now: the watch is a raw lot. They ain't used to formal trainin', and you'll need to work 'em hard before they'll count for more than cannon fodder.
Work 'em hard, ye say? I do things the pirate way, lass. I'll have 'em pissin' blood and wailin' for their mums by first bell.
We'll see about that! I don't know about Limsa's back alleys, but the Brume's not a place what suffers wiltin' daisies. What my lot lack in skill, they make up for in spirit!
Ha! I like a challenge! Now, tell me more about 'ow this watch of yers fits into Ishgard's defenses.
Well, we're officially back in the arms of the Eorzean Alliance, ain't we? And if the Temple Knights are marched out to deal with some crisis, the streets'll be left a touch thin on soldiers.

Well, we're officially back in the arms of the Eorzean Alliance, ain't we? And seein' as a good chunk of the Temple Knights have been marched out to Ala Mhigo, the streets are a bit thin on soldiers.

That's where the watch comes in. We've been somethin' of an independent operation till now, but the Houses want to put us on the payroll. They mean to use our numbers to plug the holes in the walls, as it were.
And the best part is we get paid to do more of what we was doing for naught! Coin in our purses and food in our bellies! Can't complain about that!
Aye, but the arrangement's not to everyone's likin'. There's inquisitors and nobles alike lookin' to trip us up at every turn. They ain't keen on the idea of commoners bein' armed and organized.
Hmph. I reckon the only way to shut those bastards down is by convincin' everyone else that the watch is somethin' worth keepin'. But if we mean to prove ourselves, we need proper equipment and trainin'.
That's why I took most of the coin we'd been given, and went beggin' to Lord Haillenarte. Now we have firearms, and two clever blighters to teach us how to use them.
...Aye, I've 'eard enough. Ye can't properly protect folk what don't recognize yer authority. Just do as ol' Rostnsthal says, an' we'll soon teach them bastards to respect ye.
'Ere's what we're goin' to do first. Gather a crew o' yer finest lads an' lasses, an' slap a name on 'em─one what'll get them naysayers to sit up an' take notice.
What, you mean an elite company like the Dragoons or the Heavens' Ward? I reckon a good name might impress some of the highborn, but I'll be buggered if I can think of one...
Hmmm, well, let's see... 'Ow about 'Ilda's 'Ounds.
...Oh, you mean “Hilda's Hounds”? Well, I do like the sound of that! What do you say, lads?
As soon as they've 'andpicked a crew for the 'Ounds, I'll start teachin' 'em the basics. Then after they've 'ad a chance to learn barrel from stock, ye can come back an' test their skills. Sound like a fair division o' labor?
Right, then. I'll whip 'em into shape afore ye know it. Let's see just 'ow tough these Brume-born bastards really are...
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