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Mob19 Icon.pngThe Mizzenmast  LANDMARK

The Mizzenmast is the heart of Limsa Lominsa, built around the remnants of the Galadion.

The bottom level, Bulwark Hall, is a veritable citadel, fortified with yalm-thick stone walls dotted with arrow loops and murder holes to fend off invaders in the event of an attack. On the middle level can be found a bustling pub, The Drowning Wench, as well as the cozy Mizzenmast Inn. The uppermost levels comprise the offices of the high-ranking thalassocratic officials, including the city-state's leader—the Admiral.

Limsa Lominsa's airship landing is also located near the top of the tower, allowing for the safe disembarkation and boarding of passengers without the need for pilots to contend with the treacherous air currents swirling in the bay below.[1]
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