The Mythril Eye


The premier paper in the commercial hub of Ul'dah, The Mythril Eye employs expert teams of financial correspondents and economists who gather and analyze information on the latest market trends. Ever-laden with trade forecasts, it commands a dedicated readership among Ul'dahns and any else with aspirations for profit. Of especial interest to the paper are incidents of potential impact upon the Eorzean economy.

Article Issue
Disaster at the Darkhold 1
Mutamix's Materia &00000000000000020000002
Flames Burn for Talent &00000000000000030000003
Immortal Flames Afire &00000000000000040000004
Ifrit Rising &00000000000000050000005
Alvak's Spyglass: Much Ado about Aether &00000000000000060000006
Alvak's Spyglass: In with the Old &00000000000000070000007
Alvak's Spyglass: An Alliance Actually &00000000000000080000008
Alvak's Spyglass: Clarion Call to the Commission of Officer &00000000000000090000009
Prognostications of the Prophetess &000000000000001000000010
On the Eve of Battle &000000000000001100000011